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George W. Childs Park

A getaway is always a good idea when it comes to finding a way to wind down and relax when the stress of everyday life builds up. Perhaps nothing holds the cure for attaining calm as purely as nature itself. For those who adore a trip outdoors and have a particular affinity for the wonders of water, spending some time in George W. Childs Park is sure to please. An oasis of cascading waterfalls and scenic trails, you’ll be finding your way back to your happy place in no time.

Nature at Its Best

When nature gives it her all, she never fails. While one waterfall is stunning, three will take your breath away. For visitors, this dream is a reality at George W. Childs Park. Nestled into the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area in Dingmans Ferry, Pennsylvania, this exquisite area of land hosts three gorgeous waterfalls to please the eye and mind. Incredible to encounter, visitors will find an equally pleasing hiking loop that extends approximately a mile and half for scenic viewing. A beautiful combination of rustic wooden bridges and wildlife make this Poconos park a nature lover’s paradise. For history buffs, a 19th century mill still stands on park grounds to admire during a leisurely stroll.

An Historical Icon

George W. Childs is best remembered as an iconic Philadelphia publisher who impacted both the world of journalism as well as his community. He opened the park to the public in 1892 with the firm belief that everyone needs a place to be close to nature. In 1983, the park was officially integrated into the National Parks System.

Important to Remember

With so much beauty to offer and a seemingly endless amount of ground to explore, it’s no wonder that locals and visitors make time to visit George W. Childs Park time and again. In an effort to keep the area pristine and available to visitors for years to come, it’s important to note that while the waterfalls make for a gorgeous view, they are not open for public swimming. Additionally, the National Park System asks that all visitors assist in the clean up of litter in order to maintain this natural wonder so many appreciate. Due to its popularity, this Poconos park was designed with limited parking spaces to avoid over-crowding. Not to fear though, if at first you don’t succeed, simply try again. Parking tends to rotate rather quickly and you’ll soon find yourself exploring lush green woodlands and wondering at waterfalls!

Nature’s Finest Getaway

From the breathtaking designs nature constructs without aid, to the history that’s been maintained directly on park grounds, George W. Childs Park is a must-see when you’re staying near Dingmans, Ferry, Pennsylvania. Contact us today to add a natural touch to your next dream vacation.

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