Sometimes life throws us a little curveball and we find ourselves in need of a home for more than a long weekend or even a week at a time. When you’re looking for seasonal Pennsylvania vacation rentals in the Poconos, we hope you think of us first! Our properties are designed to be lived in, offering comfort, style, and the home away from home you never knew you needed, and many feature special pricing for longer stays. With locations all over the region, finding one that is near where you need to be is guaranteed to be the easiest part of your search; narrowing down your choices to just one is where everything starts to get a little complicated!

All That’s Missing is You

Extended stays can be stressful when staying in the impersonal and expensive surroundings of a hotel, but that’s not an issue when you choose our vacation homes in Pennsylvania for your seasonal rental. Featuring homes with spacious and cheerful kitchens, large family rooms with stone fireplaces and cozy nooks for reading, napping, or daydreaming, and bedrooms that offer a retreat from the worries and stresses of everyday life, our warm and stylish decors will invite you in and our plush and super comfy furnishings will entice you to stay for longer than the season you have planned! Take a look at the view from the deck and just imagine: You get to stay here far longer than the average traveler, and your friends back home are going to be so jealous when they see the pictures!

The Longer You Stay, the More There is to Do

The problem with shorter stays is knowing you just aren’t going to be able to do everything you want to do in the few days you have available, but when you’re planning on staying for the season, it’s not an issue! Spend a day in Hickory Run State Park and take family photos by the Hawks Waterfall or spend a summer weekend exploring the different golf course options we have to offer; if you don’t get to them all, there’s always next weekend! Treat your seasonal stay as an epicurean adventure, trying out as many restaurants as you can and becoming a regular at your favorite. Attend every one of the nine days of Musikfest. Your extended stay has more bonuses than you originally thought!

Book a Stay in Our Pennsylvania Vacation Rentals

When you turn off the last light in the house and rest your head on the crisp and cool pillow, you can fall asleep easily knowing you made the right choice. Reserve yours today and explore all that our Pennsylvania vacation rentals have to offer!