When you browse our website looking for Pocono weekend rental homes with an outdoor firepit, that means you’re looking for something specific in mind. Not any weekend vacation rentals in the Poconos will give you the kind of vacation you’re looking for. This requirement in your vacation home means you’re planning on spending your afternoons or evenings at home having a great time with your companions. Maybe you’d like to throw a party as well or have the occasional BBQ. And while not all of our vacation properties come with a firepit, those which actually have one include many more amenities that we are confident will meet your needs.


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Why a Firepit?

Nature here is lush, and weather permitting, you would normally want to spend most of your waking hours outdoors. The question should actually be, why not a firepit? Much like a gas grill or a hot tub, a firepit is a basic need for everyone who likes to have a bunch of friends over for a little get together. And with that in mind, our properties which have firepits usually provide other amenities to help you entertain your group and have plenty of fun around the house, both outdoors and indoors.

Luxurious Amenities

Unlike other Pocono weekend rental homes, our properties with firepits cater to large groups or big families, so they usually come equipped with two fridges, two dishwashers, and two ovens or more. We know you’ll be accommodating a large number of people, so you can use all the help you can get amenity-wise. Some properties are wheelchair-accessible, and entertainment is plentiful, including such perks as high-speed internet and pool tables to bars, game rooms, whole house sound systems, and even vintage Multicade games. If it will bring fun to you and your companions, our have it.

Comfort and Convenience

When you choose our weekend vacation rentals in the Poconos with a firepit, you’re actually picking a property that spares no effort in providing you with the comfort that you and your group expect during your vacation. Some of our properties provide an elevator for those who are less mobile. And besides the wheelchair-accessibility, you can find a ground level bedroom to make them as comfortable as possible. When so much thought has been put into making the vacation rental quite accommodating and comfortable, you know your vacation here is going to be a great success.

Our vacation rentals with a firepit bring you luxury, comfort, and convenience all wrapped nicely together in one place. Get in touch with us today and tell us about your specific needs. Our experts will be happy to accommodate you.