The holidays are a magical time in our lives, each one offering a new chance to come together as a family and the perfect time to plan a getaway to Pennsylvania! And because the natural beauty of our landscape is appealing year-round, it doesn’t matter if you decide to visit during Christmas, Easter, Memorial Day, or any other holiday; there’s always going to be plenty of exciting activities to keep you happy, even if its just spending a day in one of our Poconos holiday rentals enjoying the ambience!

Homes you will Never Forget

If this is going to be your first stay in one of our holiday rentals, we envy you; every visit is destined to be a great one, but that first time, wonderful surprises appear around every corner! From the gourmet kitchens filled with high end appliances to the living areas with stone fireplaces and sofas that are perfect for napping to the spa-like bathrooms and peaceful bedroom retreats, just the standard amenities will bring a smile to your face. It’s the extras, though, the luxuries you don’t always expect to find in a vacation rental, that will convince you there is no place else you’d rather be than right here! Maybe it’s the game room with foosball tables in some of our homes, or the hot tubs on the decks with million-dollar views in others, or maybe, just maybe, it’s the home theater in some of our larger properties. Special, unique, and designed to pamper weary travelers, choosing our Poconos holiday rentals for your accommodations was the best decision you could have made!

Exploring the Area

When it comes to holidays in Pennsylvania, you should expect a lot of new attractions and activities: Christmas parades in the winter, Easter Egg Hunts in the Spring, and 4th of July fireworks in the summer, just to name a few. But it’s the everyday activities that makes our hometown shine, and whether you are fly fishing in the summer or dog sledding during the coldest days of winter, each adventure you undertake will have you falling deeper in love with our state. And because the quiet moments often have the largest impact, taking the time to watch the sun set over Lake Harmony at the end of each day will be the most magical parts of your Pennsylvania journey. Requiring nothing more than a tilt of the head and the accompaniment of your favorite traveling partner, it’s moments like this that you’ll never forget.

Book a Stay in Our Poconos Holiday Rentals

Don’t let there be any doubt in your mind. You deserve this vacation and every adventure that fills the moments of your stay. Reserve your holiday escape today and don’t look back; our properties are the prize you get for doing good!