Planning your vacation in Big Boulder is one of the best decisions you can make. Not only because our Big Boulder rentals are top of the line and packed with amenities that would make you want to stay in all evenings and some of the days, but also because eventually, you’ll want to go out. And when you do, there’s plenty to enjoy around Big Boulder and the neighboring areas. And because we’ve been in this vacation accommodation business for years, we are adept at matching you with the right property that will serve as a home away from home. That’s right, we offer more than a vacation rental at Pocono Mountain Rentals; we offer a wholesome experience that complements your vacation and adds that extra touch that makes it a memorable vacation. You can even enjoy the rooms in our rentals as temporary offices to get work done or as classrooms for online learning.

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Luxury and Attention to Detail

Taking a look at the Big Boulder rentals we have on our website, you’ll notice one thing: They all have high standards not just in the luxurious amenities that most rentals have, but also in the tasteful furniture, decor, and the way every inch of the space both within and around these regularly cleaned Big Boulder vacation rentals have been employed to enhance your enjoyment. And when you have great panoramic views outside your windows, as often is the case, you’ll notice that the windows are designed to give you an interrupted view of the natural beauty on the other side. Being more isolated than hotel rentals allows you to enjoy the scenic views from the luxury and comfort of your living area or even bedroom. Additionally, if you are searching for a longer getaway, we offer weekly rentals, monthly rentals, and long-term rentals!

Skiing, Snowboarding, Snow Tubing

Perhaps the main reason you decided to stay in one of our Big Boulder vacation rentals is that you’ve heard good things about the supreme skiing experience in the mountains. You’ve heard right, the terrains here are unparalleled in the whole area. They offer adventure, thrill, and challenge. Whether you’re an experienced skier or just starting to learn which pair of sleds will make your stay on your feet longer, the 16 ski slopes here have something for everyone. And there are lessons, too. By the end of your vacation, you’ll be an experienced skier. Other winter sports to try out while you’re here are snowboarding and snow tubing. Both are just as exciting as their names suggest. Our Big Boulder rentals are also available, so you don’t have to lug your skiing equipment with you during your travels.


The Boulder Lake Club located at 127 Lake Harmony Road, PA, offers a great opportunity to enjoy your favorite water sport. You can either fish from your personal boat or a rental boat. This means that you can’t do any fishing from the shorelines, beach, or docks. Also, you need to know that they enforce the catch and release policy quite strictly here. If you want to keep a fish you caught, it will have to comply with the lengths allowed by Pennsylvania regulations. The lake is famous for many fish species that anglers love and dream about. These include striped bass, rock bass, large- and small-mouth bass, black crappie, bluegill sunfish, yellow perch catfish, as well as lake trout. Make sure you obtain a fishing license if you’re 16 and older. For days designated for free fishing, 4th of July, and Memorial Day, you don’t need to get a license.


Where there’s a lake, water sports abound. And Boulder Lake Club is no exception. In fact, in order to preserve the environment and natural beauty and eco-system of the lake, no gas motors are allowed on the lake. This makes it an ideal setting to enjoy all kinds of boating experiences. And you’re really spoilt for choice here. With canoeing, kayaking, rowing boats, electric motor boats, paddle-boards, pedal boats, sailboats, and pontoon boats, there’s a lot of variety to suit every taste. And since no gas motors are allowed you can rent your boats and equipment from the Boulder Lake Club. They require you to abstain from drinking alcohol and smoking while on the boats which is a safety measure to prevent accidents. And for your safety, a life jacket will be provided before you step on the boat. Children under 12 will be offered personal flotation devices which they must wear while on the boat.

Go Golfing

If golf is your game, then Jack Frost National Golf Course is your destination. Unlike other mountain golf courses, this one has some unique qualities that will endear it to golfers of all experience levels. The fairways are relatively wider here, the target areas are easy to identify which really helps with your aim and eliminates blind shots. And with 200 acres of amazing landscape and astonishing natural beauty, your golfing experience will undoubtedly go to the next level. The 18-hole golf course is considered a large course and since it’s located at the top of Jack Frost Mountain, you’re guaranteed to enjoy the panoramic views.

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Big Boulder is the right vacation destination for winter sports lovers. Call us today to learn more about the attractions in the area and our rentals designed with your comfort in mind. Book Pocono rentals today!


Q: Where are the Poconos located?

A: The Pocono Mountains are located in Northeastern Pennsylvania.