If you are looking to stay in the mountains in only the highest possible luxury, then look no further than the luxury cabins near the Poconos offered by Pocono Mountain Rentals. Featuring high-end amenities, scenic views, and great location near all of the area’s best attractions, these rentals are the best of the best. Browse our available selection below, and plan your vacation to the Poconos today!

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Breathtaking Views

What do you look for in a vacation in the Poconos above all else? There are lots of attractions and vacation rentals to suit all budgets. But when you want to splurge and get a bang for your buck, then luxury is what you’re really after. You work hard all year so you deserve to enjoy a vacation that pampers you with all the best that money can buy. And perhaps one of the best amenities that you can expect out of your luxurious vacation is not inside the rental, but on the outside. We’re talking about the views. When you open your eyes in the morning to some stunning views of the mountain and the breathtaking landscape, you really feel that you’re on top of the world both literally and figuratively. Yes, you can take a chairlift all the way to the summit and get these views, but can you get them from your bedroom window or your front porch? That’s what our luxury cabins give you.

Decadent Luxury Cabins Near the Poconos

When you stay in one of our luxury cabins near the Poconos, you can expect the best of everything. This includes great furniture, impressive decor, top-notch equipment, and a kitchen fully equipped and spacious enough to cook a meal for a large group of people. You also get lots of space, plenty of entertainment, and the odd hot tub to enjoy a relaxing evening. And just to make you feel extra special, some of our luxury cabins come not just with one but two of the basic equipment and appliances. This means two ovens, two refrigerators, two dishwashers and so on. Maybe you won’t use any of the extra appliances, but it’s the thought that counts.

It’s All About Comfort

Something else that counts in a luxury cabin is your comfort. We have put a lot of thought into making our luxury cabins near the Poconos as convenient and comfortable as possible. This means that our cabins cater for all body shapes and mobility levels. Many of these cabins are wheelchair accessible. And in the same vein and just to make it more convenient to move around the place, there will be an elevator in many of the storied cabins. So, if you can’t take the stairs or just don’t feel like climbing up or down, the lift is more convenient. And if going upstairs to the bedroom is too much work, you can settle in for the night in the ground floor bedroom with the roll-in shower.