While summer in the Poconos is the dream of many, there’s an equal amount of travelers who understand the appeal of the Pocono mountains in the Winter. Feeling the cold and crisp air kiss your cheeks, watching the snowfall gently to the ground, and falling in love with the winter wonderland that surrounds you—these are just some of the wonders you can expect during your Pennsylvania winter getaway. When you rent one of our winter escapes, the warmth and comfort our homes provide will offer a retreat you never want to leave!

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Stay Warm on the Coldest of Winter Days

Constructed of sturdy materials, our Poconos winter rentals are designed to keep our guests feeling warm and protected from the elements, offering spacious, fully equipped kitchens that are perfect for whipping up a pot of soup, living areas with soft furnishings and fireplaces to add romance to a quiet evening in, and bedrooms where the bedding is more than just a pretty accessory. Winters can be cold; snuggling into a warm blanket after a long day of outdoor activities is our favorite way to drift off into dreamland!

Many of our Poconos winter rentals offer luxury amenities to keep you occupied on those days you just want to stay home and relax. Enjoy game rooms with pool and foosball tables, theater rooms with large reclining seats and all the popcorn you care to make, or even a hot tub on the deck. The feel of snowflakes falling lightly on your nose as you simmer in the bubbling water is an experience you will never forget!

As Much as You Want to Stay In

There’s a whole world to explore outside the boundaries of your winter escape that you’re not going to want to miss! During the Christmas season, the East Stroudsburg Winterfest and Tree Lighting Ceremony is a popular attraction, but for those who aren’t into group activities, a simple hike through the woods can be the high point of your entire stay. Maintaining a stark and rugged beauty, the photos taken during your nature hike will never cease to amaze. If you’re on the trail to Raymondskill Falls, just outside Milford, the sight of the icy splash over the rocks will be one picture you’ll want to frame and hold in your heart forever.

Winter sports such as snow tubing, skiing, snowboarding, or even ice skating are popular activities for the majority of our guests. If it’s been a while since you’ve ice skated, or if you have never tried the sport, the ice skating rink in Ann Street Memorial in Milford will give you the carefree and romantic experience you never knew you were missing! Promised Land State Park in Greentown offers more places to test your ice skating skills; just be careful, as the skating areas in the park are not monitored.

Another beloved holiday event, the Jim Thorpe Olde Time Christmas, takes place from December 7 through December 22 and offers a nostalgic holiday experience with another chance to enjoy the lighting of a Christmas tree, shopping for special gifts, and the sweet sounds of Christmas performed by carolers dressed in period costumes. Your children won’t be able to contain their excitement when they learn that they can actually ride a train with Santa and get their picture taken with the jolly old elf. And if they happen to ask for that special gift they have been dreaming about, it could very well appear under their tree!

More Winter Activities

In our eyes, you can never have too much to do, and even though it can be a little cold outside, if you dress warm and wear good boots, your fun can last for hours! Pocono Mountain Adventures, located at 393 Manor Drive in Pocono Manor, offers a wide selection of rentals, including colorful snowmobiles that will keep the sparkle in your eyes! Costing $50 for a half hour on a single snowmobile or $60 for the same time on a double snowmobile, the ride is safer than a motorcycle, but equally thrilling as you tear across the snowy fields of the Mt. Pocono Golf Course! This doesn’t mean you can just go wild on the golf course, though; the helpful staff will guide you to the correct areas to snowmobile!

Snowshoeing is another popular activity in the Poconos, and many of the local sporting goods stores offer snowshoes for rent. Offering an excellent opportunity for exercise as you trek through the winter wonderland that is the Poconos, the activity will do your heart good but the views will feed your soul.

Sparkling Eyes, Flushed Cheeks, and an Empty Stomach

Spending all this time outdoors will bring out the twinkle in your eyes and start the hunger pangs in earnest, and we love to see guests with hearty appetites as there are plenty of places in the region that will fill the void! 403 Broad, conveniently located at 403 Broad Street in Milford, is known throughout the area for providing hearty comfort food at reasonable prices. They aren’t open on Monday and Tuesdays, but the delicious dishes they serve make it worth waiting until Wednesday to visit!

Offering a starter menu that includes Meatballs al Sugo, Nonna’s Sunday salad, and antipasto, they also offer a Sunday Brunch menu that includes whole wheat pancakes topped with blackberry syrup and Bacon Cruncharito made from soft fried bacon, scrambled eggs, and hash browns. Filling and delicious, it’s our go-to brunch dish on a cold winter’s day! The dinner menu is varied and contains not just starters, but snacks, pizza, pasta, and a delicious vegan burger that will make the eyes of the vegetarian in your group sparkle even more brightly!

Open every day and featuring a full bar with an extensive wine and beer list, the warm ambience has every guest feeling as if they were an integral art of the 403 Broad Street family—doesn’t everyone need a place like that in their lives?

Festivals and Events 

Winter is a great time to get together with a group of people you don’t know and celebrate all over the Poconos. Christmas festivals that bring extra cheer to the season take place in many of the small towns in the area; we mentioned the Jim Thorpe Olde Time Christmas earlier, but there are so many more that whichever of our winter cabin rentals in PA you are staying in, you’re guaranteed to find one or more that will make you happy within a short distance!

Hawley Winterfest takes place the weekend of December 13th through the 15th, and the 29th Annual Old Time Christmas in Stroudsburg is a recurring event that will make your weekends cheerful and festive! Winter doesn’t end with Christmas and the new year, however, and Stroudsburg’s Winterfest held February 15th in 2020 is the perfect example! Featuring enchanting ice sculptures that will take your breath away and a large selection of activities designed to celebrate our favorite season, this charming festival will quite possibly be the highlight of your February vacation to the Poconos!

The Quiet Moments Can Be the Best Ones

As you can see, your Poconos winter cabins are guaranteed to be jampacked with exciting adventures and happy activities, but sometimes it’s the quiet moments that can be the best ones! Reading a book in a chair by the window with a cup of tea while snow falls gently just outside, enjoying a midnight snack by the light of the stove in the kitchen and sharing secrets with your teenage daughter who hasn’t really opened up to you since her age was still in the single digits, and experiencing an unexpected nap in the middle of a Tuesday, waking up to the smiling face of your favorite traveling partner handing you a glass of wine are the quiet moments that mean the most, and while you could experience them elsewhere, it’s the comfort of our winter cabin rentals in PA that will make them even more meaningful.

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