Rentals and cabins in Poconos for the weekend with a pool table mean much more than having a vacation home with a pool table added in as an afterthought. Usually, vacationers who come asking for a place with a pool table are those who like to enjoy their time indoors as much as outdoors. And since a pool table doesn’t come alone but is part of a game room full of entertainment, it’s no wonder vacation homes with a pool table are in such high demand. Parents with older children know the agony of hearing “I’m bored!” over and over again, but when you stay in one of our Poconos cabins, that phrase is magically absent! Give them a cue, take one of your own and spend at least a couple of hours showing your offspring that you had a life before them and quite possibly being a pool hustler was a part of that life!

A quick search on our Pocono Mountain Rentals website will give you an idea of what to expect from a rental that proudly lists a pool table among its amenities. You’ll find that our Pocono Mountain weekend rentals might also have a hot tub, a gas grill, a TV set in every bedroom, and maybe a vintage Multicade game. (Another area in which you can school your children; all those hours spent at the video arcade during your youth were definitely not wasted!)

Indoor Entertainment

As we all know, there will be evenings when you’d rather stay in, cook a good meal in your fully-equipped kitchen, and enjoy some great time with your companions. And for those evenings, having entertainment that is more than just a flat screen TV is important. Yes, you would like to stream your favorite shows on the high-speed wireless internet that your rental has, but you will also feel like playing some group games. This is where the pool table, the game room, the whole house sound system, and the ping pong table come in. Some of our properties have a theatre room, which can only mean one thing: After a long day out seeking the thrills and adventures of the outdoors, your evenings are also filled with fun and entertainment when you stay in our Pocono Mountain weekend rental.

When It’s Time to Venture Out

Even though you could possibly spend your entire Pennsylvania getaway without leaving the boundaries of your Pocono Mountain Rentals vacation property, that doesn’t mean you should. There is so much to do and see in the area that your journey would be incomplete if you didn’t attempt to get out and explore!

The Quiet Valley Living Historical Farm, located just a few miles away at 347 Quiet Valley Road in Stroudsburg, is a popular local attraction. Offering an opportunity to discover what life must have been like for the Pennsylvania German families who lived in this farm from the mid-1760s, this fascinating experience will make you grateful for the modern conveniences found in your vacation hideaway! Costing $10 for adults and $5 for kids 3-12 years of age, this attraction fits into budgets of all sizes and proves that education can be entertaining!

When hunger pangs hit, a hearty lunch at the Cure Café, 517 Main Street in Stroudsburg, is our favorite way to fill the holes in our empty stomachs. Serving everything from delicious pastries and breakfast items to strawberry spinach salads and tasty sandwiches, there’s a treat for every palate at the Cure!

Wine lovers will kick themselves if they pass on a visit to the Renegade Winery, also located in Stroudsburg at 600 Main Street. Billing themselves as an unconventional winery whose motto is “Live. Love. Revolt.,” their tastings teach guests all about their process in wine making—and a delicious process it is! The best part is knowing that nearly every wine they offer for sale in their shop can be purchased online as well, allowing you to purchase your favorite as many times as you like, even if you can’t make it back to the Poconos. (Although we sincerely hope you will find a way to travel our way a few more times in the future!)

Book a Stay in Our Cabins in the Poconos for the Weekend

Naturally, a rental with a pool table means a lot of thought has been put into making the place not only comfortable but also ensuring it has all the frills that go into making your vacation a memorable one. Our properties often come with that sleek interior and majestic wooden floors that immediately put you in a relaxed mood. The furniture is new, stylish, and compliments the interior design and the whole theme of comfort and luxury. The large windows allow the light in and give you a magnificent view of the beautiful scenery outside. Every room from the living room to the bedrooms and the game room reflects the overall sense of style and class that the vacation home tries to convey.

For more information about the amenities and entertainment our vacation rentals offer, call us today.