If you asked us to choose a time of year that would be the best time of year to visit, you won’t get the same answer twice. Not because we are indecisive, but because we know that the secret to the Poconos is that EVERY season is the best time to visit. The weather may be cold and the trees barren of leaves, but winter’s beauty will still reach out and touch your heart. In the spring, the promise of perfect shines through in the new buds reaching out of the fertile ground, and the verdant lushness of a summer’s day will take your breath away. But in the fall, when the trees don their autumn finest and the kiss of the crisp autumn air is felt on your cheeks, no one will judge you for choosing this as your favorite time to visit, and these Poconos homes for rent may end up being the deciding factor!


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Fancy in the Fall

From that first moment you walk inside one of our Poconos house rentals  escapes, you will fall in love. We offer a variety of fall homes, all very different from each other, but sharing one common theme: that of warmth and family. Spacious and bright or cozy and romantic, the interiors are filled with plush furnishings, state of the art electronics, and views of the natural beauty of the Poconos at which you can’t help but stare, not wanting to blink and miss a single second of the show. Luxury amenities include a bubbling hot tub on the deck in some properties, fully equipped game rooms in others, and stone fireplaces in still others. Each house has something special, but it’s you and your family that turns a rental property into a home.

When you select any of the vacation homes with us at Pocono Mountain Rentals, you can look forward to enjoying a special type of vacation. As the fully furnished houses have all the necessary amenities to meet your requirements, you will feel absolutely at home. Whether you would like to stay indoors and enjoy fun hangout sessions by the fireplace or take the party outside to the outdoor area, the options are endless. As some of the rental houses have a dedicated media room with a television, pool table, card game table, board games, and much more, you will have plenty of options when planning your day. With so many activities both indoors and outdoors, the stay in the Poconos is totally worth every minute.

You can browse through the listings of vacation rentals with us. No matter what you choose, you can expect features like a large living room, dining area with a huge dining table and chairs, a fully functional kitchen, multiple comfortable bedrooms, and bathrooms. The primary theme of guest convenience drives us to improve and offer nothing the best. We understand that a gorgeous destination deserves an equally gorgeous accommodation. You can find both modern and traditional homes with a natural touch. If you choose a house in the woods, you can wake up the picturesque view of the surrounding mountains to admire the changing colors of the fall foliage. Water lovers can stay close the Lake Harmony and enjoy the scenic views of the lake. The hardwood flooring, high ceiling, and large windows create a warm, relaxing, and welcoming ambiance. It sets the mood for an unforgettable vacation where you can truly relax and forget about the worries of your daily life.

These Homes Are Special

You have choices when it comes to vacation rentals, but when you choose Pocono Mountain Rentals, you get that something extra that makes you feel like you’re at home—only better! Located in the heart of the Poconos, the fully equipped kitchens offer the choice of staying home and tossing together something simple when you just don’t feel as if you can go out again! Vacations can be a huge sap of your energy, and our homes are designed to help you recharge; grab a book and sit in that overstuffed chair by the window, take a nap on the plush sofa in front of the fireplace, or sleep in till the sun is high in the sky and make this getaway different from all the rest!

Outside, the hot tub on the porch can be the perfect spot to soothe your soul as you simmer in the bubbles underneath a sky filled with a billion stars. Breathe deep and let the crisp night air fill your lungs and feel the serenity of the nightfall across your shoulders like a cape of peace. Gathering around the firepits available in some of our homes is the perfect way to spend some family time as you tell stories, recount memories of when those gangly teenagers sprawled out before you were tiny and helpless, and laugh over the escapades they’ve participated in since.

Besides a welcoming and relaxing ambiance, you will also require all the standard amenities in the vacation rental so you can finish your routine activities quickly before heading out for all the adventures. Conveniences like a hair dryer, iron and ironing board, fresh towels, and personal care products in the bathroom can help you to get ready without any delays. Of course, all of this comes after you have a relaxing night’s sleep on the comfortable bed. Every bedroom has a comfortable mattress, cozy pillows, and beddings so everyone in the group can be well rested for all the adventures the next day. Though a fun vacation is all about fun, you may still need an arrangement to attend to your work, just in case. In that case, you can use the office desk, chair, and high-speed internet access to get your work done as quickly as possible.

Nothing can match the joy of enjoying warmth around the fireplace while catching up with your group. With an indoor and outdoor fireplace for your choice, you can easily pick a different spot each day and continue the fun unique to a vacation. After enjoying the gorgeous colors of the fall sunset, you can come home and sit comfortably on the couch. The stage is set for a fun game night where you can try all your tricks to win or laugh together at the jokes while watching a comedy movie.

Fall Adventures

Because the location is important, you’ll soon discover that our fall escapes can be found in all the places you’ve been wanting to visit. With properties located within a short distance of Hawks Falls and other terrific hiking experiences, homes near Country Junction, billed as the world’s largest General Store, and even more abodes located in local resorts with access to all their amenities, we offer more than just a place to sleep; our Poconos house rentalsoffer a vacation experience!

Experience the Poconos

Fall is such a beautiful time of year, and because we know that the first snowfall isn’t that far away, we take advantage and stay outside as much as possible. Horseback rides offered from Daisy Field Farms, 542 Oley Valley Rd in White Haven, are an adventure you won’t ever forget. Riding along the trails on your gentle steed, younger children will have to ride with an adult, but if the idea of exploring the valleys on horseback makes you a little nervous, they also offer wagon and sleigh rides! Pack a picnic and enjoy even more fresh air and beauty in the picnic facilities offered by Daisy Field Farms, and if your children are young, a visit with the farm animals that make their homes there is the perfect way to end the day!

For two weeks in October, the Fall Foliage Festival in Jim Thorpe is a beautiful way to enjoy Mother Nature’s most colorful show as you ride a train through the foliage, peruse the arts and crafts available for sale, sample delicious foods, and experience ghost tours sure to raise the goosebumps on your arms. This festival takes place on weekends only, so plan accordingly!

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Your Poconos fall getaway promises to be a memorable one when you choose to stay in one of our Pocono Mountain Rentals luxurious autumn escapes. Reserve yours today and fall in love with fall! If you’re thinking about coming here in winter, too, don’t worry, we got you covered. Our winter vacation cabins await!