Stock Car Drive Experience at Pocono Speedway

NASCAR fans will be thrilled to learn that they can actually drive a stock car on the famous Pocono race track! For many of them, it’s a dream come true when they can actually sit behind the wheel and feel what it’s like to be one of the NASCAR drivers. The Pocono Speedway is famous for hosting NASCAR races twice a year and there’s nothing like driving a car down that track. Not only that, but you can even drive your own car on the track as well. And it gets even better from there.

Stock Car Experience at the Pocono Speedway

Driving a stock car down that Pocono race track is not as easy as it sounds. Which is why when you book any of the five stock car driving experiences, you get one hour of training before you actually hit the track. That training includes a classroom session, race car orientation, and some discovery laps which get you ready. You will also get familiar with the safety gear which is provided as part of the package. You can also bring family and friends to watch. Rates start from $349 for the 10-mile drive and go all the way to $1,999 for the 80-mile drive.

Pro-Kart Racing

This adventure is not for everyone. But it’s a great adventure if you’d like to experience pro-karting in real life. And if you think those karts don’t go fast, think again. They hit a speed of over 50 miles an hour, and since you’re racing on the famous Pocono Speedway, it feels just like taking part in a NASCAR event. You can either come alone and compete against other teams or brings your friends and you can compete against each other. All gear will be provided. Each race lasts for three hours and will test your skills to the limit.

Exotic Driving Experience

What’s better than driving a stock car on the Pocono Speedway? Driving an exotic car, of course! The 1.3-mile-long course offers corners and twists that bring about the raw power of the engines. And these are some of the most powerful engines in the auto world. We’re talking Lamborghini Huracán, Porsche 911 GT3, Ferrari 458 Italia, and McLaren 570S. You get to drive one of those beauties when you book one of the different packages. Packages start at $329 for the 3-lap drive.

Adventure Lovers Love Long Pond

Pocono Speedway is located in the scenic town of Long Pond, Pennsylvania, where, surprisingly, the race car experience isn’t the only adventure available for visitors. Pocono Outdoor Adventures Touring Company offers the opportunity to explore the beautiful landscape from behind the wheel of a rugged UTV. Venturing through the woods of an 1000-acre estate, the tours run alongside the Pocono Speedway, allowing for some awesome shots of the action going on the track, so don’t forget your camera. Each tour is led by an experienced guide and lasts for about an hour and the UTVs come in two sizes: a two-seater that will cost you $115 to rent and a four-seater that goes for $195. Located at 1234 Long Pond Road, this adventure is the perfect accompaniment to your Pocono Speedway visit.

Families traveling with kids may want to experience another type of off road adventure, and Alvin’s Offroad Playground is the perfect example, allowing you and your kids to ride hard and play harder on a track that offers fun surprises at every turn! And because the park is designed for riders of all skill levels, novice riders can learn from the experienced guides; this park is as safe as it is exciting! Costs start at $35 for riders and $75 for drivers and reservations are recommended. Alvin’s is a popular attraction for residents and travelers, and it would be a shame to come all this way and have to leave without playing due to overcrowding!

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Getting Hungry?

They do offer food at the Raceway, but sometimes you want to enjoy a meal in the comfort and quiet of a restaurant without having to shout to be heard over the noise of the cars. Fortunately, you won’t have to go far to experience a delicious meal, as the Poconos Organics Market & Café at 122 Cartwright Farm Road can be found just across the street! Featuring an organic menu of tasty lunch and breakfast items, the innovative meals served here never fail to please, such as breakfast sandwiches filled with your favorite ingredients and topped with a spicy tomato jam, classic cheeseburgers made with Joyce Farms grass fed beef, and even a selection of smoothies guaranteed to get your motor started. There is even a smoothie named Start Your Engines, made with La Columbe coffee, dates, cashews, dark cocoa powder, and banana!

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