The Pocono Mountains make up some of the most beautiful wilderness in the northeast United States. People come to take advantage of this beauty, and they do this through countless avenues, like river rafting, kayaking, mountain biking, fishing, and much more. But not every amazing opportunity here occurs naturally, as one of the most fun ways to spend a day in the area is to visit Pocono Mountain Paintball.

The Best Pocono Mountain Paintball in Town

These are the best paintball opportunities in the state because of the low rates, great equipment, and incomparable playing fields. In total, you will find 12 fields, each offering something unique. Three of these are scenario fields which provide for unique fun and challenges. Throughout the fields, you will find streams, hills, hollows, open airs, thick forest, buildings, bunkers, and more. The variety that you will find throughout these fields makes for some of the best paintball anywhere. Another thing that makes this the best experience is the lack of wait times. The staff here closely monitors how many people are on the fields to ensure there are never over 100 players. This maximizes your fun and minimizes standing around time. Another aspect of the experience here is the top of the line rental equipment that is available to all visitors. You can also take advantage of convenient features like hot showers, changing rooms, and picnic areas. To top it all off, every player gets to enjoy a FREE hot dog barbecue after the endless fun that the games provide.

More Ways to Explore

While paintballing is the bread and butter here, they offer many more services that allow you to enjoy the area in different ways. They offer some of the best tour/adventure experiences in the form of white water rapids rafting, mountain bike excursions, kayaking, and more. They also offer one of the most unique experiences in their zip-line adventure featuring a 900-foot journey, where you will reach speeds over 30 miles per hour. This is an exhilarating ride that also gives you a unique vantage point from which to enjoy the beauty here.

Whether you have played professionally or this is your first Pocono Mountain paintball experience, you are sure to have an amazing time at Pocono Mountain Paintball. Call them at (800) 876-0285 or email them at info@adventurerafting.com to see how they can make your vacation unique. And nothing compliments a fun day on the paintball fields like the perfect place to rest afterwards. You will find that in the form of a beautiful vacation rental when you work with the professionals at Pocono Mountain Rentals. We offer a wide variety of rental properties across the Poconos area, including beautiful large rentals in Towamensing Trails for large groups wanting to be close to the action, and weekend rentals perfect for any quick trip to the Poconos or bachelor parties. 

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