Whitewater Rafting Adventures: A Rafting Adventure

The Pocono Mountains offer some of the most beautiful wilderness in all of Pennsylvania, even the country as a whole. This area offers delightful vacation opportunities for those that love the outdoors and the recreation that it affords. Since there is so much natural beauty here, it is only natural that many different avenues of taking advantage of it have sprouted up over the years. Whitewater Rafting Adventures has been providing some of the most popular outdoor excursions in the Poconos for over 30 years.

Awesome Pocono Mountain Rafting Adventures

The most popular services they provide are the white-water river Pocono Mountain rafting adventures along the Lehigh River. There is no better way to enjoy the incredible beauty of the area while having one of the most fun experiences simultaneously. There are options for everyone, regardless of experience or skill level. You can choose to take on level III rapids or take classes to get your feet wet while having some fun. Their experienced rafting guides coach your team so you can easily navigate through easy sections as well as the rapids.

Much More to Take Advantage of

While the rafting experiences are among the most popular here, there are plenty of other ways to explore this wilderness with Whitewater Rafting Adventures. The zip-line is another crowd favorite, and for good reason, as this activity provides incredible fun while also providing a totally unique perspective from which to the see the area. You will feel like a bird as you soar a distance of 900 feet while eight stories in the air. You can reach speeds over 30 miles per hour while you enjoy Red Rock Cliff. You can take advantage of the river with kayak adventures and kayak clinics. For those that prefer to stay on dry land, you can take part in beautiful mountain bike riding excursions. They even offer paintball battles, which is a must if you have never tried it before.

When you look at their wide range of opportunities and the amazing service that they bring to each of them, it is clear that everything they do is a concerted effort to ensure you have a fun, safe, and memorable experience in the Pocono Mountains. Other than finding an amazing vacation rental through Pocono Mountain Rentals in Split Rock, Towamensing, or for a weekend, and whether it’s for a corporate retreat, bachelor party, honeymoon, or just to visit, visiting Whitewater Rafting Adventures is the surest way to make the most out of your vacation here. In order to learn more about their one of a kind opportunities, call them at (570) 669-9127 or just stop by and see them at 101 W Adventure Trail Road. Visit them online at www.adventurerafting.com.

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