As we all know, Lake Harmony has some of the most scenic views in the Poconos. Any time of the year and regardless of the season, nature always puts on its finest dress. White, lush, or bright-colored, it’s always so beautiful outside. And in the middle of such astounding beauty, living in a cabin during your vacation only makes sense. Not only do you get to enjoy nature around you, but your cabin also blends in and becomes part of the whole idyllic picture. It’s an immersive experience you don’t get anywhere else when you stay in our Lake Harmony cabin rentals.

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Idyllic Ambiance

When you think of a cabin, the first thought that comes to mind is probably a hut in the woods that discourages people from even going near it. But that couldn’t be further from the truth when it comes to our Lake Harmony cabin rentals. We combine luxury with comfort in an idyllic setting that inspires deep content and satisfaction. Our Lake Harmony, PA cabin rentals have been designed and furnished with that in mind. From the tasteful furniture to the elaborate woodwork, you’ll feel that sense of relief and elation the moment you set foot inside the door. Many of the cabins have fireplaces both indoors and outdoors, that way you have the option of enjoying the comforts inside or the great views outside, depending on the weather and your mood.

Scenic Views

We’ve already mentioned that beautiful nature is one of the big draws in Lake Harmony. It’s easy to go out and lose yourself amidst this lush beauty. But sometimes you’d just want to enjoy it from the comfort of your sofa. Maybe it’s raining outside, snowing, or just too hot. That doesn’t mean that you need to brave the elements to get a glimpse of that beauty—not when your cabin is designed to give you an uninterrupted view of the outdoors. Many of our Lake Harmony cabin rentals have a wooden porch that commands an amazing view of the lush nature around the house. And for the most part, you’ll have windows in every room to bring the outside light and colors in.

Finding Peace in Lake Harmony

As wonderful as our Lake Harmony cabin rentals are, you’ll still want to get out and explore the area outside the confines of your idyllic getaway. Enjoying a big breakfast at Piggy’s (found at 16 North Lakeshore Drive) before starting your daily adventures is almost a prerequisite; your body’s engine will need plenty of fuel, and this local hot spot knows how to prepare the “fuel” you need! Omelets, pancakes, waffles muffins—if you crave it, they have it, and it’s all guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

Then, with your stomach and soul well-fed, it’s time to venture out to find your peace in Lake Harmony. Because the outdoor landscape is so breathtaking, most of your time will be spent outside taking it all in. In the winter, Big Boulder Mountain offers 20 trails for skiers of varying levels of expertise and two terrain parks for those intrepid snowboarders who never cease to amaze us. Are today’s youth born with mad snowboard skills or is it something we older folks can get in on? Inquiring minds need to know! In any case, if your Poconos vacation takes place in other seasons, Big Boulder Mountain is still the perfect place to play, offering hiking trails, incredible views, and a ringside seat to the changing of the leaves when fall has arrived.

Hickory Run State Park, located in nearby White Haven, offers a unique adventure that will appeal to the explorer in you with Boulder Field. Boulder Field is exactly as it sounds, a field filled with boulders and rocks, but what makes this spot so exciting is knowing that these boulders are what remains from the end of the Ice Age! As the glaciers melted, this rocky field came into view, and for thousands of years it has remained unchanged. Memories made here will last forever, and when you want a visual remember, a family photo by Hawk Falls, which is also in Hickory Run State Park, will be worth framing and hanging in the public areas of your home or office.

As the sun sets on each day’s adventures, your dining choices will be varied. Steak and seafood at Louie’s Prime satisfy cravings and offer a touch of romance, while a quick jaunt to Blakeslee and a stop at The Brick Lounge and La Roma Pizza will offer a casual and cheesy way to finish off another day in paradise!

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Most of our Lake Harmony, PA cabin rentals are strategically located near the forest or a state park, and you’re only a few minutes away from a scenic trail. The same goes for the hotspots in town and restaurants and shopping centers. Being in a cabin tucked away doesn’t mean you’re far from all the places of entertainment. Your cabin has the best of both worlds.

Our Lake Harmony cabin rentals combine indoor luxury with outdoor beauty to bring you a comprehensive vacation experience that you will remember for years to come. Call us today to learn more about our great offers on a Cabin Rental in the Poconos Today!