Just when you think your Poconos escape in our Pocono Mountain Rentals Skye View dream home couldn’t get any better, we go ahead and prove you wrong! This beautiful property still offers 7-bedrooms, 4-baths, and room for up to 22 people to enjoy a vacation like none other, and the game room, hot tub, and deck that spreads out across the back of Skye View offer extra hours of entertainment, with the views staying just as awe-inspiring as they have been. But no matter how much care we take with the property you can’t wait to inhabit, life marches on and renovations must be made. This guide to the renovation of Skye View, one of our more popular larger homes, will give you a sneak peek into your future vacation shenanigans and all the cozy comforts and luxuries that will make this Pocono vacation rental one you will never forget!

The More Things Change

We can’t help but get excited at the changes Skye View has gone through during its renovation period. New sofas that retain the comfort of the old but without the impressions of all the bottoms that have rested on them before. New carpet that gives the home the smell of a brand new property, and artwork that provides a style that shines bright. Fresh paint revives the spirit of the home and reflects the beauty of its natural surroundings. And little details throughout all work together to create spaces that are comfortable to live in while remaining functional at the same time! Smart Televisions provide entertainment and allow guests to watch their favorite streaming shows and because they are placed in all the bedrooms, everyone can fall happily to sleep 10 minutes before the ending of the shows they watch most! (But because they are smart TVs you can tune back in right where you drifted off!) Bears march through the bedrooms, but before you start to worry and hide your children behind you, remember it’s just a part of the new artwork that adorns the walls of Skye View! New shower curtains in the bathrooms may not be any more exciting than the new quilts that drape over the beds but are a necessary part of any renovation. And although the deck furniture may be the same pieces we have always had, they receive a refresh of their own and are ready once again to serve as places to rest, relax, and soak in the breathtaking views of the Poconos.

The More Things Stay the Same

Napping on the velvety soft plushness of the sofas found in both living areas, whipping up your favorite cocktails in fully equipped kitchens stocked with updated appliances, and showing off your inner pool shark to youngsters who don’t realize that you had a full and interesting life before they entered the pictures are just a few examples of the things we hope never change in our Skye View escape. Family is important and this charming property offers beds for up to 22 aunts, uncles, cousins, and siblings, ensuring that there will always be laughter ringing through the rafters, excited whispers of secrets shared, and yes, the occasional squabble or two; you have known each other forever, of course, you won’t always get along! The hot tub under the deck will be the most popular spot in the house and the outdoor fireplace on the upper deck will be where marshmallows are roasted and ghost stories are told during chilly Pennsylvania nights. Cousins that don’t see each other very often will form lifelong friendships when they share the loft sleeping space with a twin bed and trundle and sisters who may have pulled each other’s hair and tattled during their formative years will discover that, as adults, they really do like the people they have become. Whether you are sharing a glass of wine on the deck, sharing kitchen duties in the spacious kitchen, or are sharing a bedroom once again, you realize that your sister always has your back! Separate living quarters and enough bedrooms for guests to retreat to after a long day of peopling will help retain the peace and morning coffee breaks will ensure that energy levels stay high no matter how many adventures you share. The more things change with our renovations, however, the more they stay the same as you spend your annual getaway with those you love most!

The Vacation you will Never Forget

The magic of the moments spent in the shelter of Skye View will linger in your heart for years to come and as you stare upon the faces that are nearest and dearest to you, we can already see the wheels turning in your head as you start making plans for next year’s getaway! Skye View turns from house to home when your family steps inside; contact us to reserve it today!