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As with so many good things in life, Pocono Mountain Rentals is a company that was developed on a foundation of patience and passion. Over time, a steadfast commitment to providing unforgettable experiences transitioned itself into the company I’m so proud of today.

While I didn’t begin my professional career in vacation rentals specifically, I was always in roles that were linked to hospitality, and that has been a constant thread I’ve carried throughout my career. My first step into the professional world began in the fields of construction and home renovation. As I learned what it meant to contribute to the creation of quality properties, I naturally became interested in what it meant to manage those same properties I’d worked hard to help build. As I worked diligently in the construction and renovation business, I had the opportunity to come face to face with customers from all walks of life and the importance of truly listening to what a client wants became evident. As my passion for property management and customer service grew, so did my desire to begin something of my own.

I had the opportunity to purchase my first vacation rental in 2000, and once I was partnered up with the right business counterpart, a company began to take shape in the form of Pocono View Properties. I spent 13 years learning the ins and outs of vacation rental services and what it meant to deliver top-quality customer service to guests without fail. In 2014, I decided to make a change and renamed the company Pocono Mountain Rentals to authentically reflect the service myself and my team was there to provide.

Today, Pocono Mountain Rentals is a thriving company that offers guests options to pick and choose from a vast portfolio of premier Lake Harmony area homes that are not only comfortable but modern, elegant and luxurious too. On a professional level, I’m endlessly proud of how my team never waivers from their commitment to providing our clients with unsurpassed customer service that makes them feel welcome with every stay. On a personal level, I love the fact that I’m able to share my passion for this area of the Poconos with others. I spend four days a week with my team in Lake Harmony focusing on the properties we have and looking at new and innovative paths to growing the business as well as building long-lasting relationships with our clients.

Beyond the promises we keep to our customers, it’s always been a pillar of Pocono Mountain Rentals to work hand-in-hand with local community organizations to promote great causes. As a Pocono Mountain Rentals team, we regularly contribute to the local fire department as well as the Lake Preservation groups in town. When we work hard for the community we love, it’s that much easier to show guests just how valuable time spent in the Poconos can be.