This scenic and inspiring destination is known and loved for its dynamic landscape complete with rivers, streams, forested peaks, and rolling hills. Combined, the effect has a way of spurring on the imagination and inviting visitors to get out and get a closer look. For the guest that finds their peace of mind with boots laced up and hitting the trails, the Poconos offers up a plethora of options when it comes to routes and pathways that highlight the best of the terrain. While taking in the flora and fauna is sure to delight, there’s nothing quite like finding that trek that comes with the reward of a cascade encounter along the way. When you’re ready to elevate your Pocono hiking experience, be sure to add these waterfall hikes to your list of must-try routes while you’re in town!

Bushkill Falls

Frequently referred to as the Niagara of Pennsylvania, Bushkill Falls should top every hiker’s list who has a passion for unique paths that lead to inspiring natural sights. Perhaps one of the most scenic destinations within the Pocono Mountains, Bushkill Falls isn’t a single cascade, but a series of eight impressive waterfalls that are nestled deep within the terrain. Hikers are immersed in forested surroundings as they traverse a series of bridges and interwoven trails to reach the falls—some of which tumble from an impressive height of around 100 feet from the top of the main fall to the lower gorge. Because Bushkill Falls is located on privately owned land, purchasing tickets to hike the trails leading to the cascades is necessary prior to exploring. Gates open at 10:00 am and ticket sales end at 5:00 pm. Water and snacks are permitted on the trails leading to Bushkill Falls, and no matter when you arrive, it’s advisable to have binoculars in hand, as this area is home to a variety of birds and other wildlife worth observing from a distance. Bushkill Falls is located off of Bushkill Road in Bushkill, Pennsylvania.

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Dingmans Falls

Those that are looking to encounter the biggest and the best of Pocono waterfalls will find everything they’re looking for and more on a trek to the iconic Dingmans Falls. Situated at 224 Dingman Falls Road in Dingmans Ferry, this cascade holds the impressive title of second highest in the state. Visitors from near and far trek out to Dingmans Falls to witness the cascade plunge from a breathtaking height of 130 feet up. The journey to Dingmans Falls begins at the visitor center where guests can easily access the boardwalk. This path invites guests to journey through a hemlock-covered ravine which is worth a photo or two. On the righthand side, Silverthread Falls will come quickly into view and is sure to inspire with its 80-foot drop. Stay and admire the view before continuing on the path following the hemlock tree-lined pathway. Soon enough, Dingmans Falls comes into view and the trail itself leads directly to the base of the cascade. The viewing platform provides just the right place to capture the beauty of this waterfall on camera or simply stand and admire the sight for as long as you’d like. For a more unique perspective on the falls, consider hiking just a bit further and heading up the nearby staircase which provides a more sky-high view of the water as it tumbles into the pool below.

Raymondskill Falls

Integrated into the scenic Delaware Watergap Recreation Area, Raymondskill Falls is another wonderful natural highlight to be enjoyed as part of an inspiring hike that’s well worth the effort. The trek to Raymondskill Falls may not be long, but it’s extremely rewarding and great for the hiker looking to enjoy time in nature with family and friends of varying ages and hiking abilities. Just under half a mile, the Raymondskill Creek Trail is an out and back route with a gentle elevation change of 178 feet. Once you reach the falls, you’ll want to stay awhile and admire the view you’ve come for. Raymondskill Falls is a series of three cascades tiered one upon the other, creating a dynamic and satisfying final product. Options to view the falls happen at two levels: one at the top of the falls and a lower viewing platform that’s popular amongst photographers. No matter which walkway you choose, a trip here is sure to bring you back time and again.

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