Some of the best of our vacation homes are listed on VRBO, helping vacationers from around the country find the perfect place to stay! Keep scrolling until you find a home that seems to have been highlighted in your dreams, offering comfort, style, and a simple country charm that you just know has to belong to Pocono Mountain Rentals. This guide to the best of our VRBO Pennsylvania rentals in the Poconos will help your dream vacation home become a reality that you never want to end!

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Good Morning to You!

Mornings are not the favorite part of most people’s day, but when you stay in one of our VRBO Pennsylvania lakefront rental properties, you may find yourself waking up each morning raring to face a new day of adventures! Our tour of our Pennsylvania sanctuaries is going to start with the bedrooms. If you are traveling with another family or a couple of friends, everyone will be happy to learn that many of our rentals offer more than one master suite! Shut the door to the noise and craziness that accompanies a large group of travelers and listen to the quiet. No televisions are on (unless you choose to turn yours on) the sounds outside your door are muffled, and the peaceful ambience of these rooms invite you to crawl into the bed that dominates the space and fall into oblivion. As you slip from consciousness into a happy dream world, you can actually feel your muscles untensing, your spine loosening, and your brain melting into a puddle of happiness.

Even though you may be thinking that life does not get any better than this, the reality is it is about to get even better! A new day has arisen, and as you pad into the fully equipped kitchen on bare feet, you may just enjoy a new appreciation of the charms this VRBO Pennsylvania home has to offer. Spacious and fully equipped kitchens, dining rooms where the entire family can gather together, and living spaces with plush sofas and state of the art televisions are just the start. These public spaces are designed to charm and impress, and updated appliances, sturdy dining tables with seating for the entire family, and cozy sofas in the living rooms are just a few of the amenities that make a Pocono Mountain Rentals vacation home the ones that everyone wants to stay in! Head downstairs in some of our VRBO properties and discover a game room filled with pool, foosball, ping pong, and shuffleboard tables, arcade games, and cozy sitting areas in front of smart televisions. Hook up your own game console in here and let your kids battle their cousins, show off your pool shark skills to your teens, or, if a nap is what you need, stretch out in front of the television, and drift off to oblivion, even amidst the craziness going on in other parts of the room!

The Party Is Out Here!

Just when you think your tour of our exciting VRBO Pennsylvania lakefront homes has been completed, we are here to tell you how wrong you are! Step outside to experience a yard filled with possibilities. A fire pit in the corner, surrounded by empty chairs is begging to be utilized and as you gather round the flames, sipping hot cocoa and watching the sparks fly off into the velvety black skies, this might be the moment that you remember most. Or perhaps it will be the times you spend soaking in the hot bubbly waters of the hot tub, sitting under the deck or out under the stars will be the most memorable moments of all. Sipping a glass of wine, feeling the bubbles hit the muscles that are the tightest, and sharing the peace and beauty of the Pennsylvania outdoors with the one you love most is yet another highlight in a trip filled with them! For those who do not live in the Midwest, as the night sky grows darker you may be able to catch sight of something you have not seen since your own childhood: fireflies whose tiny lights flicker on and off as they dart here and there and add to the magic of the scene before you!

We Love Our VRBO Pennsylvania Guests!

And our guests love us! Reserve your Pocono Mountain Rentals VRBO Pennsylvania escape today.