A lakefront vacation is the epitome of serenity and relaxation. You can practically sit on your porch and let the placid lake wash away your stress and worries. It’s a cleansing experience that invigorates and rejuvenates both your body and soul. But having a lakefront view is not the only thing that our Pocono lakefront vacation rentals offer. The amenities and comforts these vacation homes have are guaranteed to make this the perfect vacation. Even the lake offers more than just great views. You can enjoy lots of activities in and around the lake during your stay.

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Vacation Homes for All Seasons

The Poconos as a vacation destination is open all year round. And our Poconos lakefront rentals are also good for all seasons. In summer or winter, you can enjoy your vacation here. The attractions change according to the season, but the beauty of the place remains the same. Some of these Pocono lakefront vacation rentals have their own private beaches with access to the marina and the lake itself where boating and fishing are popular pastimes. And this is why choosing a lakefront rental is the best way to enjoy the beauty of the area.

Design and Decor in Our Pocono Lakefront Vacation Rentals

There’s a lot to be said about our Poconos lakefront rentals and their amenities. But the design and decor of many of these Pocono lakefront vacation rentals will really make you stop and take your time to admire it. For one thing, our lakefront rentals have plenty of space and the architecture allows plenty of natural light in. Since the main purpose of having a property facing the lake is to enjoy the views from inside the house, then expect lots of large windows that give you an uninterrupted view of the lake and the landscape. Some of the waterfront Pocono vacation rentals have large decks equipped with a fireplace, a gas grill, and a hot tub. You can enjoy your afternoons any way you like here.

Poconos Adventures

Chances are you may be tempted to stay within the boundaries of our Pocono Mountain lakefront vacation rentals. There’s so much to do here, and our homes are so comfortable, but missing out on the beauty of the region would be a horrible mistake! From water parks and race tracks in the summer to ski resorts and snowmobiling escapades in the winter and hiking and wine trails that you can experience year-round, every day of your stay promises to be an adventure you will never forget. A hike through Hickory Run State Park offers fresh air and views that will take your breath away; boulder fields that resulted from the melting of the glaciers over 20,000 years ago, waterfalls falling over mossy rocks, even a swimming beach can be found at Sand Spring Lake are amongst some of the more popular sights.

The history of coal mining is an integral part of Pennsylvania history, both for good reasons and bad, and if you would like a deeper understanding of the coal mines, a visit to Number 9 Coal Mine and Museum should definitely be added to your itinerary! Located in nearby Lansford, approximately 26 miles from your Lake Harmony rental, tours are offered from May through October, allowing visitors a brief glimpse of what miners have experienced every day of their lives. Examine a mine hospital cut into the rock and explore the mule way, the tunnels the mules used to pull the coal carts. The museum attached to the mine is open year-round, so if you’re here in the winter, you don’t have to skip this interesting attraction!

Quiet Valley Living Historical Farm offers another peek into Pennsylvania’s past, offering guides dressed in historically accurate clothing acting out the lifestyle that early immigrants and settlers experienced every day. Located in Stroudsburg, this living piece of history features live barn animals and multiple structures guests can walkthrough.

When the Dinner Bell Rings

You don’t have to take advantage of our fully equipped kitchens if you’re not in the mood; the Poconos landscape is dotted with restaurants and diners that will satisfy pretty much any food craving you may have! Breakfast at Piggy’s in Lake Harmony comes with large plates filled with your favorite breakfast foods. Their pancakes and waffles are the best way to start out your day! Beer and Pub Grub at Da’s Pub in Blakeslee, fresh Pad Thai from Thai Orchid in Stroudsburg, and your favorite comfort foods served in a restored firehouse in Jim Thorpe can be found at the Marion Hose Bar; this culinary tour of Pennsylvania will never let you down!

Convenient Locations

With practically the water of the lake lapping at your front door, you’re only a few minutes away from the top attractions in the area. Whether you like outdoor adventures such as skiing, fishing, hiking, and boating, or you would like to spend some time shopping and getting a taste of the local cuisine, our Poconos lakefront rentals give you access to all these activities and more. Book your lakefront vacation rental now or call us today to learn more about our great offers on lakefront rentals in Poconos.