The verdant countryside, the clear lakes, and the majesty of the mountains and rolling hills make Pennsylvania a picture-perfect place to visit, and when your life journey has you considering a vacation in our midwestern wonderland, where is the first place you turn? For most of America, for most of the world, our first inclination has us turning to our smart phones, opening up our laptops, or turning on our tablets and PCs and heading online. Our Pocono Mountain Rentals vacation escapes offer beauty, comfort, and charm, and this guide to our Pennsylvania Airbnb rentals will give you a clear idea on just how much our properties will enhance your getaway!

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Charm Begins at Our Pennsylvania Airbnb Rentals

The classic designs of our Airbnb in Pennsylvania rental homes in will grab the eye and invite you to take a closer look, but it is the comforts you find inside that will entice you to make it your own for a week out of your life! No more sterile hotel rooms for you and your family or friends, unless you like being cramped together in a tiny space and being forced to dine out for every meal. The rooms inside our homes are designed to give occupants the space they need as they grow closer together.

Share kitchen duties in cheerful rooms filled with updated appliances and everything you need to create meals (minus the food), whip up a batch of frozen drinks, or steal bites of the leftovers you brought home in the middle of night. Trading secrets with your teen, slicing up bananas for your infant (The Poconos Farm Market in Lake Harmony, open on Fridays and Saturdays from 7 AM until 4 PM, is where we like to get our fresh fruits and vegetables.) or giggling at the kids’ antics over a late-night glass of wine with your favorite traveling partner are just a few of the fun activities that will take place in the heart of the home. But if the kitchen is the heart, it is the dining room that is the soul, offering a space where everyone comes together. Play a game of Candyland with your youngest, send emails to your co-workers when you just cannot completely turn off work mode, and of course, devour the meal the family worked as a team preparing. The dining tables in our comfy dining rooms have heard millions of stories, have fed thousands of hungry families, and for the next week will be the place where your own story will be told!

As you continue your tour of our Pennsylvania Airbnb rentals, take a closer look at the sofas in the pictures on the website. Can you picture sitting on that leather sofa or chenille sectional and watching movies on the smart television hanging on the opposite wall? Does it look comfortable enough to stretch out and take a quick yet refreshing nap in the middle of a lazy Tuesday afternoon? If you answered yes to any of these questions, we suggest you click the book now button, because the hard part is over! From here on out it will be comfort, fun, and Pennsylvania wonderfulness as you examine the remaining rooms even closer.

Check out the game room, equipped with full-sized game tables or a Multicade game system loaded with all your favorite arcade games in many of our properties. This space also serves as an extra seating area in many homes, giving friends or families traveling together a little extra space they can call their own! When night falls and the fireflies light up the yards, the outside entertainment areas really come to life! Sit around a fire pit and tell ghost stories that the kids have never heard before or sink into the bubbles of the hot tub on the deck, feeling your muscles loosen and your brain relaxing as the heat works its magic on tired travelers!

When you know you simply cannot keep your eyes open another second, crawling into bed and sliding between silky soft linens that top our premium mattresses will be the ultimate in luxuries. Lay your head against the pillow, give your bedmate one last hug, and close your eyes, falling into the deepest sleep of your life. We know what travelers need to be comfortable, and these rooms showcase that more than any of the others!

Pennsylvania Adventures

Every day is an adventure when you choose to spend your nights in our Pocono Mountain Rentals Airbnb vacation escapes! Reserve yours today and discover a beauty and peace you never knew existed.