Founded in 2006, FlipKey is an important vacation rental site that has changed the way the world vacations, and of course, you will find our Pocono Mountain Rentals sanctuaries proudly listed on its pages! Because we want our guests to enjoy every minute of their Pennsylvania getaways, we want to make it easy for them to find us. Giving you an up close and personal peek inside the walls of your next vacation home away from home, the pictures you see of our FlipKey Poconos rentals are only a part of the story, so the pictures we paint with words will help give you the happily ever after every story needs!

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Joy and Peace in FlipKey Poconos Homes

Those are not two words that often work together in harmony, but once you take your first steps inside our FlipKey Poconos rentals, you will see how they do work so very well! Our homes are cheerful and joyous spaces filled with the warmth of all that vacation there, and every inch is designed to be utilized. Explore fully equipped kitchens with all the necessities that make meal prep easy and picture yourself standing at the stove, shoeless and carefree, as your teen who rarely says more than two words to you in real life, lounges at the breakfast bar slicing onions and chattering away about how much fun she had on the zip line at Camelback Adventures yesterday. At the dining room table, conveniently located just steps away, your youngest may be seated playing games on his portable console and your spouse may be typing away at an email keeping up with work, as high-speed internet included with our homes is a standard!

Next, your eyes naturally turn towards the living area, where high ceilings, large windows, and a super-sized state-of-the-art television turns the space into a favored spot to gather, lounge, and hang out. At home, there is rarely time to sit and chill, so families, couples, and friends that choose to stay with us will cherish every minute of their stay. Memories will be made in these spaces, and if you listen closely, you will hear the echoes of those who have stayed before. Happy echoes, of course, and as the tour of our Poconos sanctuaries continue, the picture you have in mind of what a vacation home should be grows even clearer.

Every FlipKey Poconos home we offer is different than the others in shape, size, and style, but you can almost count on your private space featuring a game room filled with pool, foosball, or even shuffleboard tables, and in many cases, Multicade arcade games. Surprise your kiddos as you show off your mad Pacman skills, making them look at you in a new light; who knew mom and dad were actually GOOD at video games? Outside, the entertainment options continue, sometimes with a firepit offering seating all around, sometimes with a bubbling hot tub under the stars, and sometimes, depending on the property you choose, there will be both. Out here on the deck that looks off onto the Pennsylvania landscape, offering an ever-changing view of why this region became so popular with tourists from all over the world, you can grill up the catch of the day, possibly caught that morning. Many of our properties feature lake views, so early risers can get up, gather their equipment, and fish off the shores that are located right in their backyard!

Sleep Like a Child Again

As we grow older, our list of responsibilities grows longer, and our ability to drop off to sleep and STAY asleep grows weaker. Sure, we may fall asleep in front of the television on our couches at home, head back with audible snores interfering with other’s enjoyment of the show, but once we snap awake, shut down the TV and the house, by the time we are in bed we are wide awake once more! In the Poconos, however, there is a magic that happens as you spend your days seeking out adventures, your evenings enjoying the comforts of our FlipKey Poconos rentals, and your nights falling asleep the second your head hits the pillows, and staying asleep until the sun rises again, gently nudging you out of oblivion is a luxury that will happen every night of your stay! Yes, dear guests, sleep comes easily in the Poconos, and although we wish we could bottle it up and sell it to you to take home, unfortunately, the magic only works during your Pennsylvania escape and your stay in one of our FlipKey rentals!

Don’t Wait Any Longer!

The past year was a bust, and yet you remained strong throughout, and now it is time for a reward! Reserve your Pocono Mountain Rental rental today. If you’re visiting Poconos in winter, check out our winter vacation homes instead!