As it comes closer to your annual vacation, it is time to start taking care of the initial details: picking the time to take off, choosing your destination, buying plane tickets, and in our minds, perhaps the most important detail of all, choosing the vacation home in which you will stay. If you are like most travelers, once you have decided where you are going to vacation, your second step will be to head straight to your computer and pull up one of our Pocono Mountain Rentals properties! Scroll through the pics, and when your favorite pops up, you will know it us by the charm, style, and comfort it will offer. This guide to some of our favorite FlipKey Pennsylvania rentals in the Poconos will ensure that your upcoming getaway is one you will never forget!

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First impressions are the most important, and our Poconos places to stay in Pennsylvania are designed to shine at first sight. From the outside, they are built to complement the natural Pennsylvania landscape without causing too much of a distraction. We love the beauty of our land, and why would we even try to take over the attention when that land is what drew you to our doorstep in the first place? As you open the door and walk inside, your suitcase trailing behind as your children run ahead, eager to see what awaits on the other side of the door. Your first impressions of bright open spaces, bright and cheerful décor, and a warmth that not all vacation rentals manage to impart will be yet another hint that when you choose these FlipKey rentals, you chose well!

Leave your suitcase by the door for the moment, and follow paths constructed of polished wood, cool tile, or warm and soft carpet to the heart of the home, the kitchen in which you will either spend a great deal of time or will only use for brewing coffee, reheating leftovers, and keeping your wine and beer chilled. Vacations are for having fun and being free, and if your idea of a good time is NOT spent hanging out in the kitchen, we understand completely and offer other rooms for you to have fun! The dining room, where large tables dominate the space, act as more than a place to eat; here is where you can participate in Monopoly championships (best of three wins bragging rights!), put together giant puzzles that mimic the Poconos landscape, or even, if you really must, check into your work emails. High-speed internet is included with your FlipKey Pennsylvania rental, so feel free to use it any way you please—check emails, post pictures to your favorite social networking site, or tune into your favorite internet music system and playing your jams loudly!

Dance your way into the living area conveniently located just steps away (Most of our FlipKey rentals are open concept!) and take a break as you flop onto the soft sofas placed in front of smart TVs. If the weather is good, we suggest opening the windows and letting the fresh air in as you channel surf, read, or stretch out on that sofa we just mentioned for an unplanned afternoon nap. Listen to the sounds of the neighborhood, lawn mowers rumbling off in the distance, kids laughing in the yards of nearby houses, and on especially quiet afternoons, the sound of the wind whispering through the trees. As you nap on the couch, your family will not need to worry about being quiet in the living room as they can be hanging out downstairs (in many properties) in the game room, playing pool, foosball, or shuffleboard in between stints at the Multicade arcade game system that can be found in most of our homes. These spaces are designed to be the ultimate hangout spots and also usually include a comfy sofa and another smart television for more entertainment options!

Stay up late playing all the games, watching reality shows, or simply hanging out with the family, and when you start to yawn more than you talk and your eyes grow heavy, heading to one of the many comfortable bedrooms in our homes promises to be the highlight of your day! Slipping between the linens on cloud-soft beds and drifting away into complete oblivion is a luxury that real life doesn’t often allow, but during your magical Pennsylvania getaway, everything is possible!

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Life is short, and taking time to play in the wonderland of Pennsylvania is good for your soul, especially when you choose one of our Pocono Mountain Rentals places to stay for your vacation accommodations! Contact us to reserve your place today!

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