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Mahoning Drive-In Theater

A large portion of people alive today have never even heard of the drive-in theater concept, let alone experienced the thrill of eating popcorn in a dark car while the movie plays on a building-sized screen outside your front window. Many of us here at Poconos Mountain Rentals remember our drive-in days with fondness, especially since those days occurred just a week or so ago! The Mahoning Drive-In Theater is alive and well and located just a short distance from your summer escape, offering Friday night fun that often goes into the weekend. Isn’t it time we showed the new generation the nostalgic appeal of a night at the drive-in?

Located at 635 Seneca Road in Lehighton

Constructed in 1948, the Mahoning Drive-In Theater single screen theater hasn’t changed much over the last 71 years. A white marquis with red lettering spans over the one entrance and the one exit with a narrow booth where the ticket taker waits to usher you in. Historically, the parking area was designated by wooden posts that had bulky metal speakers hanging on them; you’d pick your spot, roll down the window, grab the speaker and hang it over your partially rolled down window and wait for the movie to begin. Today, technology allows us to tune to a radio station to hear the movie, but if you choose to sit outside (bring lawn chairs so as to enjoy the fresh mountain air!), you may want to bring a portable radio for clearer audio.

A concession stand at the back of the drive in offers candy, hot dogs, popcorn, and other movie food for purchase. If you’re really hungry you might want to bring one of the kids along to help carry the food back to the car. Speaking of kids, the other change we have noticed is the lack of a swing set (probably due to safety or insurance reasons!). As children, the best part of the movie, other than the cartoons that began the show, was swinging on the squeaky swings that were located directly under the massive screen. The sun would be setting, parents would be talking and laughing, and us kids were running mild all over the theater’s grounds, playing tag, and swinging on the swings. Life was simpler, and candy and the freedom to run were all it took to make us happy!

Mahoning Drive-In Theater Movies and Special Events

All the movies at Mahoning Drive-In Theater are classic ones shown on 35 mm film, making your visit even more nostalgic. Featuring themed movie nights, including Harry Potter and 80’s teen comedy marathons as well as an interesting selection of many other movie genres, your trip back to the past will be a shining addition to your Poconos escape, as will our Pocono Mountain Rentals vacation homes—reserve yours today!

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