Isolated Activities in the Poconos

The world is a different place these days as we slowly emerge from the restrictions and shutdowns related to COVID-19 and continue to learn how to social distance even as we feel the need to travel to unknown places. Fortunately, the borders are opening again, but that doesn’t mean we want to go back to the way things once were; instead, we need to discover new ways of doing our favorite things, at least until this pesky pandemic has been wrangled under control! This guide to the best things to do in the Poconos in isolation you can enjoy during your passage to Pennsylvania and your stay in one of our clean, sanitary, and oh so comfortable Pocono Mountain Rentals vacation escapes will ensure that every minute of your stay is fun, entertaining, and safe!

A Walk in the Park

For these activities to do in the Poconos, we’re not suggesting that you spend time in a city park that is crowded with local residents all wanting to have a good time. We are suggesting a visit to Big Pocono State Park, located in nearby Tannersville, and a good old-fashioned hike through the wilderness. Offering over 1300 acres of tranquil vistas and well-marked trails, the park is big enough that you could walk for hours and never come across another soul. It doesn’t get much more distant than that!

Lake Wallenpaupack

Lake activities to do in the Poconos can be as inclusive or as isolated as you want, especially when you choose to hang out in the largest lake in the Poconos, Lake Wallenpaupack! This manmade lake is over 5700 acres and offers walking trails, secluded fishing spots, and of course, if you rent a boat, you can social distance as you work on your tan from the deck of your vessel.

Mountain Biking

Unless you rent a tandem bike that is not appropriate for riding the trails throughout the Pennsylvania countryside, biking is one of the best things to do in the Poconos for isolation. Pitting man against nature, your focus will be on making it over the next hill, feeling the joy of “flight” as you speed down the trail, and catching glimpses of the landscape on the moments you let your attention wander from the task at hand. Mountain bikes can be rented at most bike or sports stores in the area.

Enjoy the Seclusion of Vacation Escape

The privacy and seclusion of many of our Pocono Mountain Rentals properties is exactly what you need to play it safe during your journey to Pennsylvania. Reserve yours today!

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