Phelps Mansion Museum

Located just a short drive from the Poconos across the New York border, the Phelps Mansion Museum is a decadent example of the magnificent mansions built by wealthy businessmen and bankers during the Gilded Era—especially by Sherman D. Phelps and his family. Read on below and see why the Phelps Mansion Museum is well worth the visit during your time in the Poconos!


A Historic Gilded Era Mansion near the Pocono Mountains

Once the massive mansion home of Sherman D. Phelps, the Phelps Mansion Museum today showcases the opulent grandeur of Gilded Era mansions built between 1870 and 1900. Here, you and your guests can enjoy tours of the home and its antique wares while learning about the history of Sherman D. Phelps and his family.

Phelps was a banker, businessman, and later the mayor of Binghamton. He purchased three adjoining properties on the high-end Court Street, tearing them down in order to erect a mansion that cost nearly $120,000 to build. The famous architect Isaac G. Perry, who later built the New York State Capitol, designed the elaborate home.

Construction on the mansion was completed in 1871 and the Phelps family moved in during 1872. The home features marble floors, expertly handcrafted woodwork, glamorous paintings and statues, and lighting and furniture from the Gilded Age.

Admission for the Phelps Mansion Museum is priced at $5.00 for students and seniors and at $7.00 for adults. Children ages 12 years and younger are admitted for free.

Guided group tours of the home depart each half hour, with tours lasting an hour in total. Private group tours of 10 people or more can be requested on Tuesday through Sunday from 9:00am to 5:00pm. Group tours must be reserved at least 2 weeks in advance.

The Phelps mansion is open on Friday through Sunday from 11:00am – 5:00pm, with the last tour beginning at 4:30pm.

You’ll find Phelps Mansion Museum at 191 Court St., Binghamton, NY 13901. For more details on the museum, you can call (607) 722-4873, email, or speak with one of our representatives at Pocono Mountain Rentals.

Make the Most Out of This Road Trip

As you may have already discovered, the Phelps Mansion Museum is located a bit further out than many of our suggested outings, but as road trips are often an essential part of a vacation, we didn’t think you would mind. So while you are here in beautiful Binghamton, why not take some time to explore what this small town has to offer in addition to the mansion? Your “wild animals,” the children you love so much, may appreciate the real wild animals found at the Ross Park Zoo! Located at 60 Morgan Road, it has been in existence since 1875 and is the 5th oldest zoo in the nation. Concentrating on conservation and preservation, they offer animal encounters that include training sessions with the goats in the children’s zoo portion of the park. Only open from April through October, its hours vary, the admission fees are reasonable, and its proximity to the Ross Park Carousel ensures the fun will continue, even after your time at the zoo is complete! Costing nothing to ride, this historic carousel has sat in this spot since the 1920s when a prominent local businessman donated it (and six others in the area) with the promise that rides would ALWAYS be free! Featuring 60 painted horses and two chariots, the Ross Park Carousel spins endless circles under the wooden roof of the pavilion in which it is housed and has been a bright spot in the lives of many generations of children, including yours after your visit, of course!

Time to Eat?

Vacation food is the best part of every vacation and Binghamton offers a variety of tasty establishments for your dining enjoyment! The Garage Taco Bar, 211 Washington Street, is a popular choice for anyone who loves tacos. If you are visiting sans children and are looking for a hip and sophisticated dining establishment, the Lost Dog Café & Lounge at 222 Water Street may be your new favorite happy place! Offering global fare that includes everything from jambalaya to Greek chicken, their sophisticated lounge features jazz music and handmade cocktails that go down real smooth! And if we may offer a suggestion, you must try the Carrie Bradshaw, more commonly known as a Cosmopolitan; the 90s may be over, but they exist forever in our hearts, and this special drink brings that unique period of time back to life!

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