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Boulder Field

Visitors flock to the Pocono Mountains to get a taste of what nature so beautifully offers up. With mountains, rivers, waterfalls and hiking trails at your fingertips, the Poconos has a way of captivating the imagination by flooding the senses with wonder. When you’re in the area, be sure to make your way towards Hickory Run Pocono State Park. Within the park lies a true phenomenon of nature that will give visitors a glimpse into a very rocky and somewhat mysterious past.

A Rocky Field of Wonder

Easily accessible off route 534, Hickory Run Pocono State Park is home to a natural icon that continues to intrigue locals and visitors alike. While it may not seem like rocks are often impressive, Boulder Field takes the volume of stone to a new level. It is, just as it is appropriately named, a vast field of boulders that seemingly pops out of nowhere within the state park. At the end of green, luscious hiking trails, visitors often stumble upon this mysterious geographical formation and are stunned. Spread out in all direction, this mass of smooth boulders and rocks forms an impressive feat of nature. Visitors are invited to simply enjoy the view or carefully maneuver the stones from above for some up close and personal exploration.

How is It Possible?

While science has discovered the answer to many of the world’s great questions, the origins of Boulder Field remain somewhat of a mystery. It is believed that it’s formation dates back to North America’s last glacial era placed somewhere around 20,000 years ago. As the glacier moved down with gravity, bedrock was exposed and cracked into what would eventually become the boulders visible today. Over time, the constant movement of rock, sand and ice left the field of boulder debris smoothed to a shine through the ages. While it’s impossible to know if this is exactly how it happened, those studying the region are confident this is a solid cause for what so distinctly remains today.

Unexpected Ecosystems

Nature is an intricate tapestry of life and Boulder Field is no exception to the rule. While it looks like a solid structure from a distance, beneath the many smooth stones and boulders runs fresh water. Snakes, spiders and other wildlife thrive within this unexpected ecosystem and make for exciting encounters if visitors decide to explore the field on foot in the summer. While the road leading to Boulder Field is often closed in the winter due to snow and ice, hiking enthusiasts will find the three-mile trail leading to this land formation open all season long.

The Thrill of Geography at this Pocono State Park

Boulder Field is a truly inspiring stop when traveling through Hickory Run State Park. With dramatic contours and wildlife thriving between the stones, it’s the ideal place for a view, a hike or even a picnic. Contact us today to makes sure a stop at Boulder Field is a part of your stay in the Poconos!

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