3 Days in the Poconos

The Pocono Mountains attracts tens of thousands of visitors every year. There are many reasons for that, but probably the main one is that it’s quite accessible. You can reach it just about by any means of transport. You can fly in or use any of the six interstate highways that connect it to New York, Philadelphia, Boston, New Jersey, Metro DC, and Toronto. But accessibility aside, the Poconos makes for a great vacation destination because of the many things to do in Poconos, PA. All year round there are attractions as wide and varied as the visitors’ interests. So, if you’re planning a long weekend visit to the Poconos, buckle up. This is going to be one amazing ride!

Dining and Restaurants

One of the perks of going on a vacation is that you get to try out different cuisines. Dining remains one of the main attractions of the Poconos. Here the culinary scene goes beyond the deli and casual diner. You can find restaurants that serve all types of cuisines and offer exciting dining experiences. This includes organic food, wild game, exotic recipes, and the latest concoctions to come out of the creative local kitchens. You can also find farm-to-table restaurants dotting the area around here. This translates into fresh, delicious food that melts in your mouth. Recommended restaurants include Berrelli’s Family Style Italian, The Inn at Woodloch, and Pocono Brewery Company. Dining in the Poconos is definitely something you can do when looking for things to do in Poconos, PA!

Adventure and Fun

One thing to remember about the Poconos is that there are so many activities and attractions here all year round that you need to plan ahead. If you leave it to last minute before deciding on what you want to do, you might miss out on some of the biggest attractions around here. And there’s a lot of ground to cover, from the thrills of the outdoors to the theaters and concerts. Winter is packed with skiing, snowboarding, snow tubing, snowshoeing, and many other sports related to snow. Once the weather warms up you can go hiking, horseback riding, camping, and mountain climbing. There are definitely a lot of activities and things to do in the Poconos today!


This is another indulgence that is usually associated with vacation time. You save all year for your vacation knowing very well that you’ll be spending a big portion of those savings while shopping. And here in the Poconos, there are many venues to spend that hard-earned money. From the flea market and boutiques to art galleries and specialty shops. The best part? Since Pennsylvania doesn’t impose a sales tax on clothes, you can get them here much cheaper than back home.

Book a Stay to Experience All The Things to Do Poconos, PA!

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