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As we all know, nothing embodies German culture and traditions like Oktoberfest. The 2-week festival celebrated in Munich, Germany every year has been replicated all over the world. You might say it’s the universal love of beer that brings people together, or it just might be that people would like to have an excuse, any excuse, to drink beer. Either way, it’s a great occasion to go out and have fun. So, it was no surprise that Shawnee Mountain Ski Area in Shawnee-on-Delaware, PA, started their own version of Oktoberfest and simply called it Oktoberfest in July. The Pennsylvanian version adds some Polish themes to the German-styled festival in the spirit of being more inclusive and welcoming. It’s one of the best Poconos activities in July. Admission costs $12.50 for adults and $8.50 for children. The venue for the festival is located at 401 Hollow RoadEast Stroudsburg, PA 18301.

It’s Really in July

Unlike the German Oktoberfest which starts toward the end of September and keeps going well into the first week of October (hence the name), Oktoberfest in July takes place over a two-day period on the 14th and 15th of July. But other than the change of timing, the festival sticks to the original idea of celebrating German food and beer. If you’re wondering why an October festival would be celebrated in July, it has to do with the summertime and the influx of tourists to the area. Beer is best served cold on a hot summer day; it’s a well-known fact!

German Food All Around

At the heart of Octoberfest in July is the glorified mug of beer, but food also takes center stage here. German food for the curious and the expert alike. This includes foods that you may or may not have heard of or tried before, such as Krombacher, kiffles, Kellerbier, pierogies, wurst, strudel, potato pancakes, kielbasa, and much more. So, if your knowledge of German food has been limited to blood sausage, this is your chance to expand your culinary experience and try out new foods that have nourished a whole culture for centuries.

Entertainment for the Whole Family

Where there are food and beer, there’s music and dance. It’s just what one would expect with festivities of this nature, and Oktoberfest in July is no different. German dance and music fill up the air around the revelers along with magic shows, jugglers, face painting, vendors, and other lively acts. Children have their share of the entertainment as well. Brat Man living statue makes an appearance to the screaming delight of the kids. And Stefan the Polish Magician, not to be outdone, puts on a wonderful show of his own.

Book a Stay to Experience Oktoberfest in July

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