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Willkommen to Oktoberfest in July! Come celebrate and learn about German culture at Oktoberfest in July, held at the scenic Shawnee Mountain Ski Area in Shawnee-on-Delaware, PA. This festival, inspired by the famous German Oktoberfest, takes place during the sunny and lively month of July, making it a unique and fun event to do in the summertime.

A Summer Twist on a German Classic

Unlike its autumnal counterpart in Munich, Oktoberfest in July happens in the warm summer sunshine. And who doesn’t love a nice cold beer in the dog days of summer? Oktoberfest in July is the perfect setting for enjoying cold beer with delicious food. Held over two days in mid-July, this festival is a great opportunity for you to immerse yourself in German culture and festivities.

Bites and Brews

Oktoberfest in July is not just about beer, though the variety of brews is bound to knock your socks off. This festival also celebrates German cuisine, showcasing a variety of dishes like pierogies, wurst, strudel, potato pancakes, and kielbasa. Take your palate to new heights by exploring classic and cherished German meals and with rich flavors.

Fun for the Whole Family

The festival offers entertainment for all ages. Feel the spirit of the German culture as it comes alive with traditional German music and dance. Additional attractions include magic shows, jugglers, face painting, and a variety of vendors, creating a festive and fun environment for everyone. Performances by fun characters, magicians and games will make Oktoberfest in July a memorable experience for even little visitors.

A Fusion of Cultures at Oktoberfest in July

Oktoberfest in July embraces the spirit of inclusivity and features Polish themes which contribute to the cultural richness of the experience. This blend of German and Polish elements makes the festival a unique and inclusive celebration of cultural diversity.

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