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There was once a dark day in America’s history where wine reigned supreme and beer was relegated to the service quarters and found to be lacking, but today we’re happy to exclaim that this is no longer the case. Beer has risen through the ranks and has become the drink of kings and queens, and the Great Brews of America Beer Festival is our favorite way of celebrating that fact! Held on November 23 this year, it’s the 29th time we’ve celebrated our favorite beverage, and it promises to be the best festival yet!

Located at 428 Moseywood Road in Lake Harmony

One of the best parts of this wonderful festival is that it is being held inside. November weather can be cold at best and unpredictable at worst, but as you walk around sampling the flavors of the season, you will be comfortable and cozy! Featuring about 100 different craft beers and the opportunity to talk to the talented folks who created these tasty beverages, your day at the festival will definitely be a memorable one!

Live music will have you dancing in the aisles as you sip the samples, and the vendor tables will contain cool things you never knew you needed. Food is also included at the Great Brews of American Beer Festival, which is always a good thing; the beer is guaranteed to make you hungry! Fun games, awesome giveaways, and the company of hundreds of other likeminded individuals completes the picture of perfection that is this exciting festival, and because it’s held in Lake Harmony, more than likely you are a cab ride or ride share away from the event; no need to limit your choices because you are the designated driver!

As you sip your samples and explore aisle after aisle of beer, food, and musical entertainment, you will soon discover that today is one of many days you will never forget. If you happen to find yourself singing the words to the song playing on one of the two stages, don’t worry! No one will judge you because more than likely they will all be singing along and dancing as well!

Experience Great Brews of American Beer Festival

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