Are you in the mood to escape the hustle and bustle of city life? Maybe you are tired from the holiday season, you have a lot to do at work, and you are stressed out. Head to the relaxing and picturesque Pocono Mountains, a beautiful spot that is less crowded and less expensive than other spots in the United States. We can’t think of anywhere better to spend the end of the snow season, featuring ski slopes and the best snowboard trails in the entire country. Plus, you can come here in the spring to experience the change of weather, go hiking on the nearby peaks, and head out to the bright blue bodies of water! And we have the perfect spot for you to stay. Check out Rocky Top, a large home in the pristine woods of the Poconos that offers enough room for you and your 16 best friends to chill out, relax, spend time with one another, and explore the dense forests, cute towns, and bright-white ski slopes.

Incredible Home Features at Rocky Top

As soon as you walk or drive up to the home, you will notice the classic A-frame shape that offers a unique architectural design that is sure to get you talking! Featuring a large frame, wrap-around deck, and private yard, there is tons of outdoor space for you and your friends to watch the sunrise early in the morning with a cup of coffee, watch the sunset in the evening with a glass of wine, and spend time sitting outside in the afternoon to have an al fresco lunch. This home is nestled right in the middle of nature, making it feel like you are really in the woods — while still having modern amenities, cozy furnishings, and proximity to local towns. This truly is the best of both worlds.

Plus, our outdoor space offers a covered hot tub that is great for cold winter days or rainy days when you want to warm up. Head into the hot tub with a bottle of wine or some beers and enjoy spending an evening with your friends in the brisk winter or spring evening weather.

As you head inside of the home, you may immediately make a beeline to the indoor game room. This cool room is great for men who want to hang out with their pals or teenagers who want some privacy during a holiday. The room features a pool table for sinking the stripes or solids, couch for relaxing and watching the games, and a large TV for watching sports or movies at night.

Once you head upstairs, you can head to the cozy and plush living room that offers an open floor plan, comfortable chairs, cozy couches, and cool interior decor that will make it hard for you to ever want to leave! The open floor plan makes the living room connect to the formal dining room, featuring a long wooden dining room table that is big enough to fit you and 9 of your guests.

If you want to make a nice meal for your guests during their stay in the Poconos, then head into the modern kitchen and use the stainless steel amenities, new appliances, and granite countertop for preparing, cooking, and serving your food! Your friends can sit at the high bar chairs while they sip on some cocktails or eat appetizers while they wait for the scrumptious food.

Why Choose Pocono Mountain Rentals?

Do you need any more reasons to choose our house? We think it speaks for itself. Not only does it have ample square footage for everyone to relax, tons of seating spaces for taking an ap or playing a game, numerous bedrooms for getting a full 8 hours of sleep, and beautiful architecture for admiring and sitting outside on a hot summer day or brisk spring evening, but we offer a trustworthy and reputable property management company.

Pocono Mountain Rentals is an experienced and respected business in the area that offers tons of property rentals suitable for parties of all sizes and those with various needs. Whether you need a one-bedroom cabin that is in the middle of the woods, or you want a large mansion for you and your best friends, we can do it all!

And with the Rocky Top home, you will want for nothing during your stay. No matter what you need during your vacation, we can get it for you! Need any advice about what to do in the surrounding mountains? Contact us! Want something else at the property? Speak to one of our professional staff. Use Pocono Mountain Rentals today to have the vacation of your dreams with your loved ones!