Known for its appealing landscapes and scenic beauty, the Pocono Mountains are a one-of-a-kind destination for those that savor scenery and are truly romantic at heart. Whether you come to relax, explore, or make the most of outdoor adventure, the Pocono Mountains is a place where couples can reconnect over shared interests in surroundings that are designed by nature to inspire.

Whether you’re ready to begin planning an epic Valentine’s Day getaway or are looking forward to a romantic escape any other time of year, the property professionals at Pocono Mountain Rentals have the home away from home waiting that’s sure to rekindle that romantic flame during a visit. The following are just a few ways to keep the love alive when you’re on a romantic getaway to the Pocono Mountains this year.

Sip the Evening Away by the Fire

While the portfolio of property options available through Pocono Mountain Rentals is vast and versatile, it’s common for guests to find themselves booked into a home where a central focal point is a fantastic fireplace. For couples looking to make the most of a romantic getaway, this defining feature is a must! On chilly February night, kick back in front of the fireplace, whether it’s framed in natural stone or sleek tile, and sip the evening away with the one you love most. Picking up a bottle boasting a regional label is a good way to get a taste for what this area can provide while pleasing your palate in good and inevitably romantic company as well.

Make the Most of In-Rental Game Options

Who said that game nights were for kids exclusively? At Pocono Mountain Rentals, many of our cabins and luxurious homes are stocked up with games that make for a fun way to pass a romantic evening—especially when you and your partner find your stride enjoying some friendly competition! Sift through board games and find the one that appeals to you most in a rustic-chic setting that’s sure to inspire a romantic mood. There’s often nothing more romantic than simply spending quality time together and a game night is a good way to stay close and enjoy your time bonding.

Enjoy a Movie Night

Many couples have a movie or two that work as defining features of their relationship. Whether it’s an iconic romantic comedy or something more adventure-seeking, when you book a stay in one of our romantic properties, you can always set aside time to make the most of a romantic movie night! Our homes are frequently outfitted with large flat-screen televisions to make the experience more immersive and the furnishings that dot our floorplans promise to be cozy and inviting. Settle in and enjoy being able to access those romantic films and shows you and your partner love all at the touch of a button thanks to Wi-Fi access and high-speed internet brought to life at the touch of a button.

Cook up a Romantic Dinner

While the Pocono Mountains are well-known for the many savory restaurants they host, oftentimes the most romantic getaways include home-cooked meals served up with a side of love. Those couples who book a romantic getaway to the Pocono Mountains and stay in a property through Pocono Mountain Rentals will find that our portfolio of options often includes access to a fully equipped and luxurious kitchen! Here, those that are looking forward to serving up a savory and romantic meal will have everything they need. These kitchens include spacious counters, modern appliances, and cabinets that are often already stocked with cookware as an added convenience. This means guests don’t have to worry about the logistics and can instead focus on the flavorful outcomes their partner is sure to love.

Soak in the Jacuzzi

The temperatures outside may be dropping this time of year, but you can heat things up with a relaxing dip in a private Jacuzzi when you book a stay through Pocono Mountain Rentals. Many of our properties feature exciting and enticing hot tubs that provide just the right place to relax and unwind alongside the one you love most. Feel like bringing a glass of champagne into the mix? No problem! Feel free to customize your romantic getaway any way you’d like while taking full advantage of the restorative features our homes host.

Bundle Up and Savor the View

Even when it’s chilly, your romantic Pocono Mountain getaway can include time in the great outdoors. Many of our rentals feature fantastic and spacious decks, patios, and balconies that are inspiring and frame the view year-round. Bundle up and plan on getting close as you and your loved one cozy up on these outdoor areas during the daytime hours or enjoy an evening journey under the stars.

Book Your Trip Today

At Pocono Mountain Rentals, we’re happy to be able to provide our guests looking forward to a romantic getaway with accommodations that check every box on the list. Over Valentines’s Day or any other day of the year when romance is top of mind, our rentals cater to a one-of-a-kind stay you won’t soon forget. Reach out today to learn more and to begin planning your trip!