If you have never experienced the Poconos during the fall season, you are missing one of the most beautiful times of the year here. Lake Harmony and the surrounding areas see tree leaves change to their rustic oranges and reds and the temperatures sit at a crisp yet very enjoyable level. There is not a better time to see all this than during your children’s fall break from school. Here are some activities the whole family can enjoy on your Poconos vacation:

Take a Hike to Hawks Falls

It does not matter how cold the water is, kids will almost always be willing to jump into a body of water at any time of the year! Take advantage of the beautiful weather and make a trek over to Hawks Falls. The hike itself is more of a walk and can be completed by anyone in the family. Once you get to the falls you will find a cascading waterfall that is worth every picture you take. The pool below is very enjoyable throughout most of the year, but you may want to save swimming for a summer trip!

Explore Lake Harmony

One of the most popular activities throughout the year is touring Lake Harmony itself. Take advantage of the slower tourist season and book your own cruise to explore the lake. Several charter companies are in the area and will take you to the most scenic areas around. The lake may not be very big but the knowledgeable tour guides more than make up for its size with great insights and a thorough history into this beautiful region.

Get Crazy at 940 Golf N’ Fun

If you need a little help wearing down your kids’ unlimited energy reserves, take them over to 940 Golf N’ Fun. This local entertainment center features all of the fun and excitement of arcades, mini golf, bumper cars, and so much more. The older kids will also have a blast with the paintball arena where they can challenge each other to an exciting matchup. Golf N’ Fun is open until 11:00pm every day of the week so you can have late night fun all throughout your trip.

The Poconos This Fall

Make sure to give your family the fall vacation they deserve with a fall getaway to the Poconos. Our vacation rentals will keep you close to the lake and offer access to all of these activities and more. Let us find the perfect rental for your family Poconos vacation!