It is the perfect time to think about your next winter vacation. Winter is all about fun-filled holidays, festivals, exciting events, much-awaited vacations, and spending quality time with loved ones. Winter also announces the arrival of snow so you can enjoy snow-based activities to your heart’s content, and if you visit any of the famous ski destinations, you can find a thick blanket of snow for your enjoyment. Besides skiing, you can look forward to enjoying snow tubing, snowmobiling, snowboarding, ice skating, and many more things to do in the Poconos in the winter.

If you are interested in exploring a famous ski location, you can check out the gorgeous Poconos Mountains in Pennsylvania. The picturesque landscape receives tons of snow, letting you enjoy acres and acres of snow-laden areas for different activities. The fun is not limited to skiing, either! There are plenty of other adventures for the entire family; you can also participate in indoor activities for unique fun with your group.

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A Perfect Poconos Winter Getaway

The Poconos Mountain region is undoubtedly one of the best tourist destinations in the winter. It receives heavy snowfall that can form a thick cover in the region and lots of hills, sloping areas, and wide-open areas that can turn into the perfect spots for cross country skiing. With more than 50 inches of snowfall every year that turns it into a winter wonderland, the arearea is perfect for a wide variety of winter adventures. There are many charming towns in Poconos that receive a light dusting of snow as well, so you can admire the downtown on foot while exploring the different restaurants, food joints, shops, and local attractions.

To make the most of your Poconos winter getaway, you can attend special holiday events. There are exciting events for the entire family where you can see colorful Christmas decorations, festive lights, bright displays, and much more. If you enjoy sleigh rides, you cannot miss the horse-drawn sleigh rides at the famous Daisy Field Farm. You can look at different animals like turkey, white-tailed deer, and red woodpeckers during the ride. It is a fun way to ride over the snow while admiring the natural landscape!

You can even get into the holiday spirit by visiting the streets of Honesdale, Jim Thorpe, and Hawley. The streets are lined with colorful lights, seasonal decorations, and lots of exciting activities. There are plenty of fun events for kids and adults. You can also attend a winter tour for local sightseeing. The winter tours can allow you to see colorful seasonal lights and decorations while visiting the famous tourist spots in the city.

Activities in the Snow

You cannot miss snowy day activities when you visit the Poconos region! The area is particularly famous for cross country skiing. There are many natural trails at different state parks in the region, and you can find slopes and trails for both experts and beginners. You can also check out the different ski resorts in the area.

Another fun way to explore the hills and slopes is through snowshoeing. You can capture stunning mountain views while admiring the sunrise or sunset in the area.

If you do not like skiing or snowshoeing, you can still have lots of fun in the snow through snow tubing. There are different types of lanes for snow tubing ranging from family-friendly simple ones to steep lanes over sloping hills. Head to one of the largest snow tubing parks in America at Camelback Mountain. It has more than 40 lanes of excitement. If you would like to capture exciting LED illumination, you can visit in the evening for a colorful and bright display.

You also cannot miss ice skating! There are many ice-skating rinks in the area. You can visit the Promised Land, Hickory Run, Tobyhanna, Gouldsboro, and Skytop. After all the fun in the snow, if you would like to head indoors, you can visit an indoor waterpark for fun rides.

With so many fun things to do in the Poconos in the winter on the list, you will have a great winter vacation in the Poconos! Contact us today at Poconos Mountain Rentals to find book your perfect winter getaway.