Visiting the Poconos brings never-ending fun to the whole family. The mountains are in pristine shape and the area is full of activities all year round, so deciding on the best time to visit depends largely on the type of activities you’re interested in. Certain months are not recommended for you to visit unless you’re looking for a big discount on travel and accommodation rates (in which case November is your month of choice). Most tourists avoid that month which brings the rates and crowds down. But if you crave the thrill of entertainment, thrill, and adventure, then you should these times according to the season.

Winter and Skiing

Because of the heavy snowfall in the area, which is twice what the average US city gets in a year, the Poconos are a favorite destination for skiers and winter sports fans in general. The ski season starts with December and continues through frigid January, where the chilly temperature ensures that the snow will stay on the mountains throughout the winter months. So if you can’t wait to get on your skis and glide down those white trails, December is the earliest you can start. For cross-country skiers, though, it can be earlier than that, since you don’t need a lot of snowfall to get on the trails. The same goes for other activities such as snowmobiling, snowshoeing, and sled rides.

Summer and Outdoor Adventures When You Visit the Poconos

For the outdoorsy person, summer months are the best times to enjoy the Poconos. The weather is at its best between June and August, which explains why these are the peak months among visitors. Rain is sporadic, and it helps cool down the high temperatures. There’s plenty to enjoy here from hiking and mountain biking to horseback riding. Carnivals, special events, and concerts are busiest during those months, so you can time your visit to your favorite carnival or music concert.

Rest of the Year

From May to October, the Poconos are packed with activities and visitors. Spring sees an increase in people visiting the Poconos, as the snow melts and the weather gets warmer. And during the fall, the weather changes back to rain and some snow. October sees the end of the outdoor activities with some wine festivals and the Poconos gets ready for its snowfall and the opening of the ski season.

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