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If you haven’t visited Pennsylvania and many other states along the northeastern coast, you may think be wondering why so many people seem to be talking in toddler talk when you ask about getting gas, a sandwich, or any other convenience store necessities. Don’t worry, though, we haven’t suddenly lost our marbles; Wawa Food Market is a convenience store that sells everything you need, plus a little more! A local favorite since the 1800s, it has gone through more than a few incarnations before settling on becoming the tastiest convenience store in the area. From Iron Foundry to Dairy Farm to Dairy Store (and now market and convenience store), the local Wawa has grown with our state and country, and during your stay in the Poconos, it will soon grow on you!

Located at 296 PA-940 in Blakeslee

There are more than a few Wawa Food Markets found in the area, but the Blakeslee one is more than likely the one you will use the most. Close to many of our Poconos Mountain Rentals vacation properties, you can plan on walking in its glass doors more than a few times during your stay. Selling gas and offering standard convenience store inventory in addition to its food menu, this local shop is open 24 hours a day; it just doesn’t get more convenient than that!

The Menu

Getting up early to head to the lake, but don’t have time for a sit down meal? Wawa has breakfast sandwiches, pints of fruit, smoothies, donuts, and of course, coffee that helps your internal engine purr like a kitten; many of us can’t get our days started without our morning Wawa coffee! Been hiking in the mountains all morning and are so hungry you know you can’t wait another second for a big and meaty sandwich? Wawa’s hot sandwiches and subs are known throughout the state for being more than a handful! Featuring every sandwich imaginable, including quesadillas, brisket, chicken, flatbreads, and burritos, it’s also a great place to visit when everyone’s hunger cravings are requiring substantially different meals! Offering soups, salads, and power bowls for the healthier eaters, snacks of the healthy variety and snacks that we love but may not be so healthy, their signature Wawa ice cream, and every type of soft drink you could possibly desire, the Wawa Food Market isn’t a gourmet restaurant in Mt. Pocono, PA, but it can be exactly what you need while on the go!

Road Snacks for Poconos Adventures

Why is it that the most ordinary of foods taste almost magical when consumed in the car during a road trip to adventure? We don’t have the answer to that life question, but we do know that now that you’ve stocked up on beef jerky, sunflower seeds, candy bars, and pop, also known as soda in various regions of the world, it’s time to hit the road! Your first stop of the day might not be that far from the Wawa, but we promise there will be more road trippin’ later on.

For now, a visit to the Fieldstone Farm Preserve, located on Devil’s Hole Road in Mt. Pocono, PA, is where your adventures will begin. The ruins of the Fieldstone Farm can be found on 52 acres of wooded beauty. Built of the stone that Pennsylvania architecture is famous for, nature has had its way with the dilapidated building, forcing its way through window holes that no longer have glass, and cracks in the roof and between the stones, creating an eerily beautiful picture. As you explore, the musical sounds of the tank creek flowing towards the Tank Creek Falls, the wind whispering through the trees, and the song of the wildlife that make their homes on this property will add to the magic of the day, making it difficult to leave. But the day is young, and you have miles to go, so after a few pictures and some sips of water purchased from Wawa, head back to your car for the continuation of your Poconos adventures.

The Road to Honesdale

While it doesn’t have the catchy appeal of the old Bob Hope/Bing Crosby movies, PA 196 and PA 191 have their own draw, leading you through a landscape that painters dream about recreating in their own works. It will take about 53 minutes of travel to reach your next destination for the day, the “birthplace of the American Railroad,” also known as the town of Honesdale. Your options for excursions are plentiful in this charming town, ranging from excursions on the Stourbridge Line Train, paying homage to those first steam engine locomotives that found their way to Honesdale in 1829, to explorations of Prompton State Park for some hiking or sunbathing, and even a visit to the Dorflinger Glass Museum for a peek into the artistry of days long past. As you find yourself nearing the end of your road snacks purchased from Wawa, you may want to end the days excursions and head back to the comfort of your Pocono Mountain Rentals vacation escape; this is just one day of adventures, and your week with us is guaranteed to offer many more exciting expeditions!

Stock Up on Goodies at the Wawa Food Market

Because 2 AM snacks are good for the soul, no one will blame you for stocking up your Pocono Mountain Rentals fully equipped kitchen with a supply of goodies that will make your heart sing! Sitting in the darkened kitchen with only the stove light lighting your way is where some of your best vacation moments will take place. Reserve your stay with us today and experience a family vacation that will tighten the bonds of yours!

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