Stone Row Pub & Eatery

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If you love simple good food, prepared with love and skill, then get ready for your new favorite spot: Stone Row Pub & Eatery! This family restaurant is one of the best Jim Thorpe, PA restaurants at being creative with flavors and coming up with new twists on classic comfort foods. They’re also experienced at accommodating specialty diets and food intolerances, so if someone in your group has a hard time dining out, Stone Row would love to help them have a great meal with friends!

Meat-Friendly, Plant-Forward

Stone Row Pub describes themselves as “meat-friendly, plant-forward,” which means that it’s definitely not a vegetarian restaurant, and yet there are many vegetarian options. It also means that an array of delicious plants features heavily in their menu offerings, even if you order a meat dish. It’s a great place to sample the produce of the season, cooked by people who know what they’re doing! Stone Row is a place to go if you want a meal that’s both delicious and highly nutritious, as well as a place where your vegan or gluten-free friends will feel just as welcome as you are.

Relaxed Enjoyment

Since Stone Row is a pub, the idea is to kick back with friends in a relaxed atmosphere while enjoying great food. Since one of the owners is English, Stone Row Pub is drawing on the classic English pub tradition, which Americans are usually less familiar with. A pub might sound like a bar to American ears, but English pubs are really family places (that also serve alcohol). Pubs are cozier and more low-key than restaurants, and Stone Row aims to keep you comfortable! Don’t come here in a hurry; their menu advises that since “real food takes time,” meal wait times can be 30 minutes or more. Kick back with a great beer or glass of wine, enjoy conversing with your friends, and soak up the atmosphere!

Plant-Based Delights (and Meat for Those Who Need It)

Stone Row Pub offers some familiar-looking entrees, including a beef burger, a veggie burger (made of millet), and grilled chicken and salmon, but they also have several dishes that you’d expect to find in a health-food store: sweet potato lentil loaf, a brown rice power bowl, and spicy samosas. The menu also includes several pasta options, as well as salads and appetizers. Stone Row is a great place like that, because everyone can find something to make them happy! They also offer a kids’ menu with favorites like burgers and mac n’ cheese. Stone Row does a Sunday brunch, if you’re looking to spend a little extra time lingering over a meal with your family. And they’re also available for special events and private parties, so give them a call! In general, reservations are preferred, so it’s best to call in advance.

Enjoy the delicious home-cooked cuisine of Jim Thorpe, PA restaurants with a visit to Stone Row Pub & Eatery! To learn more about great places to visit during your vacation with Pocono Mountain Rentals, or to book your vacation home, contact us today!


Stone Row Pub & Eatery

45-47 Race Street, Jim Thorpe, PA

(570) 732-0465

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