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Summers in the Poconos have remained pretty much the same for decades. We hang out at Lake Harmony, sunning ourselves on the beach or skimming the waters in our favorite boats, hike the trails on cooler days, watch movies on rainy days, and during the hottest days of summer, we sit on our back decks and enjoy an icy treat from one of our favorite ice cream shops, Hog Heaven Ice Cream in Lake Harmony. Offering sweet relief from the summer temps, one taste and we are instantly transported back in time to the carefree days of our youth.

Located on Lake Harmony Drive

Some would say it’s not summer until you have had your first taste of a Hog Heaven ice cream cone and we would have to agree. Conveniently located close to your Lake Harmony summer escape, the brown clapboard-sided structure with the blue awning and neon letters is a much-loved sight to the residents and returning visitors of the area. Order your favorite flavors from the window and enjoy it on one of the wooden benches that surround the building, or explore the area with cone in hand, happily lapping away at the rapidly melting treat.

Open from mid-afternoon until late in the evening on weekdays and from noon until 10 PM on weekends, the serving sizes will please the heartiest eaters and cause your happy children’s eyes to widen with pleasure and awe. There’s no skimping on the good stuff at Hog Heaven Ice Cream, and when you add in the six different flavors of ice cream cones offered by the parlor, chances are your dinner at night may be nothing more filling than some cheese and crackers; there won’t be any room for anything more! Although we hate to play favorites, many of our staff members at Pocono Mountain Rentals have been seen around town enjoying the delights of their chocolate chip cone! (The pretzel cone comes in a very close second!) A large selection of toppings—some that change with the season, others that are a staple year-round—round out the picture of the perfect summer treats offered by Hog Heaven Ice Cream!

Enjoy That Cone Even More at Hog Heaven Ice Cream in Lake Harmony

Although there is no wrong way in which to enjoy the delicious goodness of a Hog Heaven ice cream cone in Lake Harmony, there are ways to make it taste even better. Enjoyed as you take in the views of the Poconos from one of our summertime escapes, these cones are positively life changing. Or maybe it’s our homes that are life changing; either way, reserve yours today and discover the difference Pocono Mountain rentals can make!

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