Hog Heaven Ice Cream in Lake Harmony

If there’s one thing that both adults and kids agree on, it’s that ice cream is the ultimate treat that turns any bad day into a great experience. You plan on spending a day out full of great activities, but something unforeseen happens, like rain or technical problems preventing the show or live action from going forward. Now everyone is bummed, and you are at a loss for what to do next or how to lift the spirits of the group. Then someone suggests you all go have ice cream, and suddenly cheers of joy erupt and the day doesn’t seem like a lost cause after all! When you’re ready for the best ice cream in the area, head to Hog Heaven Ice Cream in Lake Harmony.

Choice Selection of Flavors

As we all know, nothing says ice cream fun like big portions and a variety of toppings. Kids love it, and adults too, even if they pretend they don’t. But this is the right place to bring your whole family to an ice cream treat. The ice cream at Hog Heaven Ice Cream is made from local dairy, which is something you don’t get with the other brands. The flavors will get everyone excited. You’d definitely want to try two or three flavors together at least. Then everybody starts comparing their flavors against those of the rest of the group.

Ice Cream with Style

We all have been to ice cream parlors before. And some had better ice cream flavors than others, but Hog Heaven Ice Cream takes the ice cream experience to a new level. You can also sit at a table outside and enjoy your treat with your loved ones while you admire the charms of the small town all around you. Combine that with a good service and you can see why customers return for more every day of their stay.

It’s All in the Cone

Ice cream buffs will tell you to never eat your ice cream from a bowel or a plastic cup—that just ruins the flavors. The best way to eat ice cream is with two or three scoops crammed on top of a chocolate chip or pretzel cone. That’s the right way to have ice cream. The flavors in the cone mix well with the ice cream flavors to create a carnival of tastes on your tongue. This ice cream parlor serves six different types of cones. You know what that means: You have to visit at least six times to try each and every one of them!

For more information about Hog Heaven Ice Cream in Lake Harmony and other local attractions, call us today. We have a great selection of vacation homes for you.

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