There is no wrong time of the year for you to enjoy an incredible vacation getaway to the Poconos. Our East Coast haven is the perfect place to get away from the real world. The Poconos offers a variety of activities and attractions you can enjoy all year round and even a few that are seasonal. It can be difficult for newcomers to plan ahead and make their trip to the Poconos the best it can be. Here is a little guide to help with your travel plan to the Poconos:


The Poconos can be best enjoyed depending on the activities you want to participate in. The winter season is perfect for enjoying the snow and activities that come with it.

Skiing and Snowboarding

You will find not a better snow sport season than the one in the Poconos. Several mountains in the region offer incredible trails that let snowboarders and skiers get their shred on. Some of these mountains include Camelback Mountain, Blue Mountain, and Shawnee Mountain. Multiple bunny hills are available to help you get your confidence up before taking on the rigorous black diamonds. New travelers can leave their gear at home as the mountains feature plenty of shops supplying you with top of the line gear and even rentals. The skiing season runs all winter long so there is plenty of time for you to enjoy the mountains.

Snowshoeing and Ice Skating

The winter season not only brings along festive holiday events but also plenty of ways for the kids to enjoy the trip too. Indoor and outdoor ice skating are featured at local ponds and ice rinks. Those ice skating on frozen ponds should know that ice thickness is never monitored during the season. Another great way to enjoy the cold is snowshoe through the winter wilderness. Local trails are the perfect spot to snowshoe. You can even take your loved one on a romantic carriage ride. There is such much to enjoy in the Poconos during the winter season.


Of course, many families have more time to travel during the summer season. Fortunately, the summer season is also a great time to visit!

Season for Festivals

The weather is absolutely incredible during the summer, making it the perfect time for outdoor festivals. The Poconos hosts a variety of festivals this time of year. Expect to find festivals focused on arts and crafts, music, sports, and more. Many of these festivals are free to attend and feature all kinds of local vendors for tasty treats and unique gifts.

Local State Parks

There is no better time or place to explore the outdoors than the incredible state parks in the area during summer. The Poconos is home to local state and national parks that are a marvel to behold in person. Some great outdoor hiking can be found at Big Pocono State Park and Hickory Run State Park. Relax at the lake when visiting Prompton State Park and Tobyhanna State Park. Lehigh Gorge State Park offers a gorgeous valley with plenty of wildlife surrounding you. The Poconos is an outdoor enthusiast paradise when you spend time in these local parks.

Explore the Tree Tops

Another popular attraction that has become increasingly popular in the Poconos is exploring the local adventure parks. These centers offer thrilling activities such as rope courses, roller coasters, climbing walls, zip lines, and more. Each adventure park is fun for all ages where a family can spend the whole day there. You can also expect plenty of safety as each ride uses the best gear around.

Local Waterparks

The Poconos also features exciting water parks where you can cool off on the warmer days of summer. Water parks such as Camelbeach Mountain Waterpark features dozens of water rides such as slides, wave pools, and relaxing beaches. You will feel like you are on a tropical coastline when visiting these local waterparks.

Hit the Raceways

NASCAR fans will love the summer season in the Poconos as featured races take place nearby. The Pocono Raceway features NASCAR races, 5Ks, and more. The schedule is always being updated, so make sure to check it out when scheduling your trip!

Hit the Golf Course or Spa

There is no better way to relax than spending a few rounds on the local golf courses. The Poconos offer several private golf clubs in the area where you can sign up and enjoy their beautiful courses. If golf is not your sport of choice, you can also simply relax at the local spa. Treat your body to a relaxing experience such as a massage or facial!

Plan Your Trip to the Pocono Mountains

Now that you have a handy travel guide to help you it is time to book your trip to the Poconos. Reserve one of our vacation rentals today to ensure you will be comfortable throughout your stay!