While many potential guests think of the Poconos as primarily a summer escape, we like to believe that we are a four-season vacation destination spot! Offering a variety of Poconos PA things to do that can differ depending on what time of year you visit, it’s the winter sports that can be the most exciting, and snow tubing is one of our favorite things to do once the snow has blanketed the landscape. As we skim down the slopes of the biggest snow tubing park in the United States, our hands clad in mittens or gloves, tightly gripping the handholds on the tubes, we can’t hold back the laughter or screams of delight, and neither will you when you try it for the first time!

Frozen Poconos PA Things to Do for Everyone

If you’ve never tried snow tubing before, now is the perfect time, and Camelback Mountain, with its 42 lanes, is the perfect place to do it! Inexpensive to partake in at just $35 for a three-hour session on weekends and holidays ($30 midweek), everyone becomes a carefree child again as they skim down the slope with the wind in their hair and the snow spraying up into their faces. It would be easy to spend the entire day walking to the top and then flying down to the bottom again, but in this region, snow tubing is one of the most popular Poconos PA things to do and the need to limit tubers to three-hour sessions is a necessity.

Primarily a daytime sport, the Galactic sessions, which cost only $25 and last for two hours, begin at 8 PM, bringing the romance of velvety skies alight with the light of billions of stars into the equation—but you don’t have to rely on the stars to see. A kaleidoscope of colors lights up the slopes, flickering from purple to red to green and gold, flickering on and off to give a strobe light effect that adds to the experience. Also offered at Shawnee Mountain, Montage Mountain, and JFBB Ski Area, no matter which of our Pocono Mountain Rentals winter escapes you choose to stay in, you’re pretty much guaranteed to find a snow tubing area nearby!

Thawing Out in Comfort

When the cold bites a little harder than you would like, coming home to our winter escapes will warm not just your body, but your heart and soul! Warm, welcoming, and inviting, our properties will make this winter getaway one you will never want to end—reserve yours today!