City living has its advantages, and if your hometown is in the big city, you’re probably aware of all the benefits. But what about the downsides of big city life? From traffic jams to sirens wailing throughout the night to never feeling as if you have a moment to just breathe, it’s no wonder you have started to dream about escaping from the city. Small-town life, away from the hustle and bustle of an all too full city, is a dream come true, and when your journey leads you to the peace and serenity of the Pocono Mountains, a stay in one of our country escapes will make your Poconos mountain getaway even better!


See All the Stars During Your Poconos Mountain Getaway


As you begin your escape from the hassles of the world on a secluded vacation in Pennyslvania, the first thing you may notice is the absolute quiet. No honking horns, no sirens, and no upstairs neighbor stomping like elephants on their floor which just happens to be your ceiling. Instead, you can wake on your own schedule and revel in the silence. Outside you may hear the buzz of bees and the quiet whisper the wind makes as it passes through, making the leaves quiver on the branches. Sitting on the porch in the morning with a cup of coffee in hand allows you to feel the tension drop from your shoulders, and in the evening, as the sun sets over the horizon, you can sit in the same chair feeling your muscles turn to jelly as you wonder when was the last time you felt this relaxed.


In between, you can fill the hours of your Poconos mountain getaway with hikes along the river in the Austin T. Blakeslee Natural Area, fishing at shore’s edge in Lake Harmony (even better if your rental property is on the lake!), and reading in peace and solitude in that comfy chair by the window. At night, when the sky turns to a deep and velvety purple, do yourself a favor and step outside. Now, as you breathe in the crisp night air, turn your eyes to the sky and prepare to be amazed; the sounds of the night provide a tranquil lullaby as the sky fills with the light of a billion stars. This is the moment you’ll be thinking about when streetlights replace starlight and the chirping of crickets becomes the constant chirping of car alarms in your real life. The night you saw all the stars will be the night you never forget!


Brought to You by Pocono Mountain Rentals


Of course, we can’t claim responsibility for the peaceful beauty of the Pennsylvania landscape, but we can help make your stay even calmer. Contact us and reserve one of our serene sanctuaries today and discover the true meaning of comfort and relaxation during a secluded vacation in Pennsylvania!