Are you considering going to an upstate location for the next vacation? Along with finding a spot to go for cold-weather skiing, getting out of the hustle and bustle of city life, and becoming one with nature, we also have a perfect place in mind for vacationers who want to go hiking, spend time with friendly locals, and have some comfort food.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? We think so too! Head to Lake Harmony, PA, for your upcoming vacation to experience wildlife, see the local plants and animals, chat with locals, and taste some of the best food in the entire region. Not only are there endless shopping and dining opportunities, but there are outdoor adventure parks, family-oriented activities, winter fun, golf courses, accommodation options, and tons of yearly events that make this mountain town in Pennsylvania one of the coolest spots to head to for an upcoming spring break trip to the Poconos.

Go on an Outdoor Adventure!

We love going on outdoor adventures with our family, friends, and loved ones. Not only can you spend some time enjoying nature and hiking trails by yourself, but you can take part in tons of other outdoor adventure day trips with your loved ones to bond with one another and see all that Lake Harmony has to offer.

One of the best things you can do on a sunny spring day is to head to Captain Joe’s Fishing to see if you can catch a few trout for a fresh dinner! Or, you can take your kids and bikes and head to the Kidder Hike and Bike Trail for an easy and relaxing bike ride or walk along the paved path. Get some fresh air on your face and teach your kids how to ride a bike!

We also love heading to Austin Blakeslee Natural Area to breathe in some fresh oxygen and take some Instagram-worthy photos. Other fun day trips to do in the Lake Harmony area are to check out the numerous trails in Hickory Run State Park or go camping in the Pocono Mountains to really become one with nature.

Do a Family-Oriented Activity On Your Spring Break Trip to the Poconos

Are you going to Lake Harmony with your young kids and family? If so, then there are tons of family-friend activities and events that you can do that will make it suitable for people of all ages! You’ll love going to Daisy Field Farm to go on pony and horse rides with young kids to pet horses, have fun with your friends, and bond with your children. If you have older teenagers, head to Skirmish Paintball to test your aim and test your competitive edge! Other fun, family-oriented activities are heading to Split Rock Resort to watch a new flick at the movie theater, playing a few games at the arcade, or trying to get a few strikes or spares at the bowling alley.

Eat Some Local Food

Lastly, Lake Harmony is no stranger to local and fresh food. There are tons of restaurants that you can go to during your upcoming spring break that will make your vacation totally unforgettable! We love going to breakfast at Piggy’s Restaurant to have savory egg dishes and endless cups of coffee that will keep you going all day long. You can’t go wrong with a hefty Eggs Benedict and soy latte to start your day!

For lunch, we highly recommend going to Terra Cottage Cafe and Gift Shop to get an espresso-laden coffee drink that will give you energy for the entire day. Or, you can head to Shenanigan’s to get a beer or cocktail to brighten your spirits and get spring break kicked off in the most fun way possible!

For a dinner with you and your partner, friends, or family, we love going to Nick’s Lake House Restaurant to have a casual dinner and gaze out at the bright blue water. There are endless options for you to choose from when it comes to fresh appetizers and filling dishes. We recommend getting the shrimp cocktail with cocktail sauce for the table, or zucchini fries with honey sauce for you and your pals. As a filling entree, you really can’t go wrong with the cheesesteak with melted American cheese, the zesty fried chicken sandwich with dill mayo and pickles, or the filet mignon with rosemary garlic butter.

Do you want to go somewhere for spring break that is home to numerous things to do, including both indoor and outdoor activities? We recommend going to Lake Harmony! We love this nature-filled area for those who enjoy hiking, fishing, swimming, biking, and spending time with their loved ones. Head here to go hiking, test out the flat biking trails, eat some fresh seafood and meat, and spend quality time with your family or friends. Rent one of our luxurious and modern properties from Pocono to have an unforgettable and memorable vacation.