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Not only can we never get enough pizza, we’ve also never tasted a bad pizza. Now that doesn’t mean that some pizzas aren’t better than others, and when you visit Papa Santos’s Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria, you’ll soon discover that their gooey creations are better than most! Open every day of the week from 11 AM until 9:30 PM, this special pizza joint is one of the more popular Italian restaurants in Pennsylvania, and we can’t wait for you to taste why!

Located at Rte. 115 And PA-940 in Blakeslee

From the outside, this modest restaurant tucked away in a nondescript strip mall could be just another pizza joint in any town America. Neon lights, a green roof, and a large sign designed in the colors of an Italian flag announce to guests that they have arrived. Inside, however, the large mural of the Italian countryside decorating the walls offers the first hint that this place may be different. The smiling faces of the staff and the decadent aromas that tempt the senses cement the idea that this quiet spot may just offer the pizza of your dreams!

The Menu

Offering a menu that is easily twice the size of the restaurant itself, guests can plan on enjoying a meal that is anything but short. It takes more than a few minutes to read through the menu, and with so many options, hungry diners may rethink their decision a few times before choosing the dish that fits them best! Offering white pizzas and German pizzas topped with steak, onions, and peppers, Hawaiian pizzas and meat lover’s pizzas, there are endless choices offered at Papa Santos’s Italian Restaurant! An appetizer menu is jam-packed with everything from garlic bread to a Mixed Appetizer dish containing mozzarella sticks, chicken fingers, broccoli, peppers, and French fries. Soups and salads cover all the classics you’ve loved your entire life, including Italian Wedding Soup and Antipasto Salad. There are also calzones and strombolis created with every ingredient you can imagine; vegetarians will fall in love with the Broccoli Roll, but our favorite tends to lead to their Sausage Roll. Offering wraps, sandwiches, and subs, pasta dishes and chicken dishes, veal dishes, seafood dishes, and an extensive children’s menu that includes chicken fingers in addition to their classic Italian dishes, every appetite and every craving will be easily sated at Papa Santos’s!

While You Are in the Area

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Blakeslee Places of Interest

The town of Blakeslee is a small but incredibly beautiful unincorporated area that is located in the heart of Tobyhanna Township. Proud of its origins, the people of this village took their name from the first postmaster, Jacob Blakeslee. Today, you can witness the history of the area while exploring the beauty of the natural landscape with a visit to Stoddartsville, located just a few minutes outside of Blakeslee. Offering a glimpse into the past with its 36 buildings, examples of mills, barn ruins, and so much more, you can almost hear the whispers of our ancestors as you walk through the streets or hike along the trails in the woods that surround the historic spot. Linked to Blakeslee in a variety of ways, the Stoddartsville Historic Center and Cemetery is actually located on Stoddartsville Road in Blakeslee. The Center is open on the first Saturday of every month from May through October from 10AM until 2PM, but you can explore the small cemetery anytime.

Delight at Papa Santos’s Italian Restaurant

There are guaranteed to be leftovers thanks to the hearty and substantial portion sizes, and those will be enjoyed in the comfort of your Pocono Mountain Rentals summer escape! Also offering takeout, you only need to leave your happy place long enough to pick up the feast you ordered online! Reserve yours today and discover the joys of pizza and pasta from Papa Santos’s Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria!

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  • Recurring daily
  • Time:  Schedules Vary By Day
  • Price:  See Website For Pricing
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