There are many reasons as to why you may be planning a long term Poconos vacation in the Mountains, and many more reasons as to why you should choose Pocono Mountain Rentals for your escape to our mountain paradise. Offering comfort, luxury, and style, our homes will be the main reason you want to stay even longer, although the beautiful countryside and exciting activities there are to do may have a part in it too! This guide to your 30-day journey in beautiful Pennsylvania will ensure that every minute of your stay is filled with fun and fulfillment—even on the days you decide not to go out and play!


As Your Journey Begins


In the beginning, you may feel a little out of place, as the lifestyle in the Poconos is so much quieter and more laidback than your everyday life. No blaring alarm clocks waking you up before the sun, no traffic jams with angry drivers cutting you off and honking their horns, and definitely no boring meetings that seem to last interminably long. Your visit to the Poconos offers the exact opposite of everything you are used to, and we can promise that you are going to love every minute of your stay!


Starting slowly on the first few days, your first order of the morning will be turning away from the light creeping in the windows; unless you are hungry or are a die-hard rise with the sun type of person, sleeping in late is the best way to start each day. When hunger pangs finally force you out of bed, it’s nice knowing you have options, including staying in your pajamas and chomping on donuts you picked up on your first night in town; Dunkin Donuts is available all over the Poconos and there’s bound to be one near your hideaway home!


If you do want to head out to begin your vacation explorations, breakfast and lunch at The Morning Toast at Barley Creek, 1774 Sullivan Trail in Tannersville, offers a decadent start to the morning. Serving omelets, crepes, and eggs benedict as well as your favorite breakfast and lunch foods, adding a breakfast cocktail adds to the decadence of the meal! After breakfast, it may be time for a nap, but if you’re up to it, a tour of the town may help you acclimatize. Spend some time shopping, picking up a few things to enjoy back at the vacation rental, walk along the shores of Lake Harmony or find a bench to sit and watch the ebb and flow of small-town life. Your first few days will be lazy ones, but don’t you deserve the break?


Picking Up the Pace


Now that you’ve built your sleep banks back up and taken the time to relax, it’s time to start venturing out. Pennsylvania is a state filled with fun things to do and see, most within a short distance of your Pocono Mountain Rentals vacation property. Take a day during your long term Poconos vacation to go antiquing in Cresco, being sure to stop by Barn Door Antiques, located at 340 PA-390 off the road just a bit. The red brick building surrounded by green trees hints at wonderful treasures to be found inside, but you’ll never know if you don’t go.


Take another day to explore the beauty that Jim Thorpe has to offer. Named after its famous Native American hometown hero and athlete, this small town with brightly colored buildings looks as if has come straight off the front of a postcard, and the Lehigh Gorge Scenic Railway will take you on a tour of its most beautiful parts. History buffs might want to do a tour of the museums found in many of our mountain villages, including the Asa Packer Museum and the Old Jail Museum in Jim Thorpe, and the Dorflinger Glass Museum in White Mills.


Peaceful Sanctuary During your Long Term Poconos Vacation


The most impactful memories are the smaller moments that speak to your soul. Watching the sunset with your spouse at the end of each day, discussing hopes, dreams, and boyfriends with your teenage daughter as you bake cookies in the kitchen of your rental, or sitting in that overstuffed chair by the window, reading a book for as long as you want to on a rainy day. As the raindrops slide down the window and the fire roars merrily in the fireplace, you lose that sense of urgency for all the things you could be doing and learn to enjoy the moment. And just think—you have 30 days of these moments to look forward to! When school can’t wait, you’ll have plenty of space for online learning. Be sure to contact us and reserve your long term Poconos Vacation Mountain Rental sanctuary today! Or take a look at our 30 day rentals!