Life doesn’t always proceed in an orderly fashion, offering the expected day in and day out. Sometimes fate throws us a curveball and we as mere mortals are left to figure out how to handle the unexpected change in circumstances. Of course, not all curveballs are bad, and the joyful change can be something as simple as an extended getaway to a place you love—a place like the Poconos, perhaps? You’ve often mused about how wonderful it would be to spend more than a few days in our mountain paradise and maybe, just maybe, your worlds did align and you have discovered that you have an entire month to just explore and discover everything that makes the Poconos one of your favorite places on earth! Pocono Mountain Rentals offers 30-day rentals in the Poconos that can be had for your entire stay, making this thrilling adventure that much more perfect. This guide to our monthly cabin rentals Pennsylvania will make it easy to find the home that is the perfect fit for your needs!

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Comfortable and Stylish Monthly Rentals in the Poconos

When your first name is the same as the region you live in, you want to work really hard to make sure your properties live up to the name, and we like to think we’ve gotten it right. Each of our monthly rentals in the Poconos offers its own style and design, but all create a warm and welcoming environment that invites you to come on in and get comfortable! You’ll find cheerful kitchens offering updated appliances, living rooms with fireplaces for cold days and nights, and serene bedrooms designed to let a guest sleep as deep and as long as they need. The views from many of our homes are nothing less than spectacular, offering a panoramic vista our guests never tire of, and for those that need more entertainment than an evening of wine and sunset views, many more of our homes come with game rooms, hot tubs, and a fire pit that is perfect for crowding around eating marshmallows off a stick and talking about the day’s adventures. Any of these wonderful spaces can be used for a temporary classroom if needed!

Lakefront cabins for rent Poconos PA offer even more excitement, allowing your family to live the carefree lake life in the summer. Swimsuits, flip flops, sunscreen, and sunglasses are all that’s needed for a fun day on the water—that and a boat, of course! There’s something special about spending an extended time enjoying all the activities that make lakeside living so much fun. Spend your time fishing, tubing, or just laying on a towel on the dock and allowing the warmth of the sun to soothe you into a state of relaxation you won’t find anywhere else!

Exploring the Region

There’s something almost sinful about getting to enjoy a 30-day getaway and while you may be tempted to spend all your time living the life of luxury in our Pocono Mountain Rentals vacation escapes, there is so much more to do and see while you’re in the area! Getting out into the fresh air with a bike ride along one of the many trails in the area is an especially popular activity, and in nearby Jim Thorpe, the landscape almost seems to be designed for bike riding! Offering wide trails that are paved and easy to navigate, the scenery might be a little distracting as you cross over the Lehigh River, ride alongside canals, and navigate up and down hills when looking for a little extra excitement!

When a bike ride is too much excitement, a stop in paradise may be just the thing to calm your soul and quiet your brain, and of course by paradise we mean the Paradise Lavender Farm located in Cresco! Ironically, 2020 is the year of lavender, and this aromatic farm is in its element offering not just flowers to enjoy both in the home and to be planted for outside, but sleep masks, candles, and even lotions to soothe, moisten, and relax!

Spending time on the water is another great way to fill up some hours during your 30-day stay in the Poconos and Lake Harmony Cruises offer tours of the lake every day of the week. Learn a little about our town on the lake as you cruise across the water on a pontoon boat with your family and the wonderful Captain Wolfe. Cool breezes, glistening waters, and the occasional sounds of fish jumping from the water will soothe your soul, much as the scent of lavender is reputed to do!


While a visit to a big city may bring you tapas and other tiny meals, here in Pennsylvania we serve country food that is bountiful and delicious! Breakfast at Moyer’s Country Kitchen in Blakeslee and a taste of their German pancakes, lunch at Trattoria 903 in Jim Thorpe, where pizza and Italian comfort food rules the day, and hearty pub food served at Da’s Pub in Blakeslee are just a few samples of the delights that await you in the culinary landscape of the Poconos!

30 Days in Paradise

It may sound like a long time, but we’re pretty sure you won’t find it long enough! Reserve your 30 day rentals in the Poconos and escape today to discover the true meaning of paradise! If you’re coming to Poconos in the much colder months, browse our winter vacation cabins instead!