Pack your bags, gather your loved ones, and set out on a hiking adventure like no other. Set your sights on the Pocono Mountains and its many hiking trails. There are a variety of trails, from inside nature preserves and state parks and forests. You’ll find Pocono Mountain hiking trails for beginners all the way up to expert, so everyone can enjoy exploring.

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Easy; Woodland Trail

The trail is near Mount Pocono and is a great starting place for beginners. The 1.1-mile loop takes only 26 minutes to complete on average. While it’s a great trail for easy hiking and running, it’s not as popular and you may have the trail to yourself. Plan hikes April-October.

Moderate; Camelback Mountain Loop Trail

Located in Big Pocono State Park, the 2.7-mile loop near Reeders, PA is considered a moderate hike. The hike is a little over an hour, if you’re just out for the hike. It’s a popular spot for fishing and birding, too, so you’ll see some people whiling away the time with other activities. Depending on the time of day, you may have the trail to yourself. Leash your pup and bring them along! The best time of year to explore this trail is April-October.

Challenging; Mount Tammany via Red Dot & Blue Dot Loop Trail

It’s a 35-minute drive to conquer the mountain located near Pahaquarry, New Jersey. The route is considered challenging, with an elevation change of 1,213 feet over 3.6 miles. You’ll complete the loop in approximately 2 hours, 20 minutes if you keep a steady pace.

The difficulty is worth it. The trail offers sweeping views of the Delaware Water Gap. Leash your dog and bring them along with the workout. Add the hike to your itinerary April-November.

Moderate; Big Boulder Jack Frost Ski Resort

Located in the Jack Frost Ski Resort, the 3.4-mile loop trail is a moderate hike that brings a bit of challenge. It’s a popular trail for birding, and of course skiing in the winter months, too. The best time to visit is October-March.

Easy; Stone and Boundary Look

The 3.8-mile loop is a fairly easy route to get your bearings. The loop only has an elevation change of 223 feet. You should be able to complete the loop in about 1 hour, 20 minutes and offers breathtaking views of forest and wildlife. It’s the perfect trail for a run or hike, so make sure to share the trail.

Explore hiking in the Pocono Mountains

Safety Tips

Hiking isn’t just a walk through the park on a flat surface with no impediments. It’s an activity that causes extreme physical exertion over uneven land, often steep inclines, and through wilderness populated by wildlife in their natural habitats.

Water & Trail Snacks

Hiking is more than just a walk down the flat, even streets of town. Even the most experienced hikers expend a lot of energy, meaning a lot of sweating and burned calories. Make sure to pack plenty of water for each hiker, as well as some energizing trail snacks including granola bars, trail mix, dried fruits, or whatever else you prefer. Steer clear of candy or other empty calorie foods, and limit sports drinks.

Sun Protection

No matter the time of year, the sun will be out and beating down, and the heat of the sun will add to your exhaustion. Apply sunscreen and toss it in your pack to reapply as needed. Wear lightweight long-sleeved shirts and long pants if you wish, as that will help with bugs and other trail pests, too. Add a hat that covers your face and neck, and head out.

Plan Ahead

You may want to spend your first couple days in the area getting used to the thinner mountain air. Depending on where you plan your hikes, the elevation can be anywhere between 2,260-2,280 feet. Before you take on any sort of rigorous activity, make sure to get used to the higher elevation and breathing the thinner air.


Your daily wear athletic shoes, while broken in, still won’t do the trick. You’ll want hiking shoes or boots with a sturdy heel and ankle support. Worn soles on any type of shoe can be a slipping hazard, so make sure your footwear has plenty of traction as well.

Wild Animals

Keep your distance and respect their home. If you see an animal, like deer, foxes, bears, or even the American Bald Eagle you’d like a picture of, zoom in rather than move closer. Don’t call out or try to get their attention, either. Keep a safe distance and don’t disturb them.

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