There are tons of culinary spots for you to check out during your trip to the mountains in Pennsylvania. Just because you are taking a holiday with your friends, family, or partner doesn’t mean you need to spend tons of money on food. We think that you can get a great idea of the taste of the area by going to local food trucks and chilled-out cafes and sitting outside and enjoying nature.

Fortunately for you, there are ample food trucks in Lake Harmony and the surrounding areas. We love sitting outside with a hearty lunch, filling dinner, a tasty drink, or a cup of coffee and watching the sun go down over the bright blue water of the nearby lakes. Check out these places that are must-visits during your vacation in the New Year.

Donerds Donuts

Donerds Donuts in Jim Thorpe is a popular spot for locals and tourists alike to get their sweet cravings fixed and refill their blood sugar before heading back out on the slopes, wandering around a nearby mountain, going shopping, or spending quality time with their loved ones. This popular food truck and store has a fixed menu for you to choose from during your visit, including glazed donuts as a traditional choice and more unique flavors.

One of our favorites is the Boston Cream with a creamy filling and chocolate frosting. Or the S’mores donut is a fantastic choice for kids who want a sweet treat and love chocolate. The Peanut Butter Cup is truly just like Reese’s in donut form, while the Cookies and Cream are great for those who can’t decide if they want vanilla or chocolate on their donut. Lastly, the NYC Style Cheesecake is truly to die for — we will see you here!

Twisted Burgerz n Wrapz

If you’re in the mood for fast, filling, greasy, and tasty takeaway food, Twisted is the place to be. After all, you are on vacation, so you don’t need to be healthy all of the time. This food truck in Gouldsboro, PA is well known for its traditional burgers, Jerk Wrap, Boom Boom Chicken, and tender baskets.

We highly recommend getting the seafood platter, with whiting and shrimp, to satisfy any cravings you may have for local and fresh seafood right from the East Coast. Or try the jerk chicken wrap for a picky alternative, chopped wrap for a cheesy lunch time sandwich, or tenders and fries for kids who are picky eaters. The extensive menu here is ideal for those who come in big groups or want to share meals.

If you want to split a few things from the menu with someone in your group, the loaded fries with cheese sauce, diced pickles, tomato, onion, ketchup, and mayo is a savory choice for a filling lunch. Or try one of the baskets, like the chicken tender and fries with boom boom sauce, other whiting and fries with hot and tartar sauce. The classic cheeseburger or bacon and beef burger is another top choice for a handheld lunch.

Atomic Hog BBQ

Atomic Hog is a popular and mouth-watering barbecue spot in Effort, PA that is well known for its delicious barbecue sauce, melt-in-your-mouth meat platters, southwestern flavors, and strong spices. This quality food truck can even cater to a private event, so you can have a birthday party or a family reunion during your time in Pennsylvania.

The Greek Shack

Gyros, lamb kofta, and tzatziki sauce—it’s all Greek to me. Greek food is unbelievably tantalizing, mouthwatering, and healthy, so you can feel good about visiting The Greek Shack every single day during your holiday. This is a family-owned mobile food truck that specializes in authentic Mediterranean food you won’t find in your typical restaurant or takeaway joint.

Not sure what to order? We have visited enough times to find the best items on the menu for any time of the day and type of picky eater. The most popular items are the Greek specials, including the Greek gyro with a 12-hour marinade that is sure to knock your socks off. This chicken or pork sandwich features Souvlaki sauce, toasted pita bread, tzatziki sauce, tomatoes, red onion, and parsley.

Suppose you want another type of traditional Greek dish that is less commonly found in the United States. In that case, the Loukaniko Greek sausage will tick all of the boxes. Loukaniko is a grilled specialty that features Greek sausage, pork, lamb, fennel seed, orange peel, warm pita, fresh vegetables, and parsley. You can even add feta or change it to vegan tzatziki with a coconut base.

Other options on the mobile menu include grilled meats, like chicken souvlaki on a stick, grilled and tenderized to perfection with warm toast on the side. We recommend ordering one of the grilled meats with a side of zucchini balls, featuring scallions, dill, mint, vegan soy free meat, and flax seed. Make sure you get one of the other sides to split with the table, like the Greek fries, fresh cut fries with sea salt, or spanakopita pastry.

And to finish off the delicious meal, you can order one of the super sweet desserts. The Rizogalo Greek rice is a combo of milk, eggs, vanilla, and custard to add a creamy end to your Greek feast. Or the Greek Yogurt is a healthy option for those who are on a health kick. However, we would love to share the Baklava with your partner since it is the premier pastry and specialty dessert item here. You can’t pass this up!

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