Your Poconos vacation is destined to be filled with breathtaking views, exciting adventures, and the opportunity to relax and rejoice in the quiet beauty of our verdant landscape. The skies are clear, smog is something left to big cities with no heart and because we at Pocono Mountain Rentals understand the importance of protecting our natural resources, we are in the process of doing more to help the environment. Many, if not all, of our Pocono vacation rentals, are soon going to be offering chargers for your Electric Vehicle, ensuring that you can continue to do your part to reduce your carbon footprint while still enjoying all the comforts of home!


The Natural Beauty of the Poconos


Much of your time in Pennsylvania will be spent outside, no matter what season you are visiting. Winter months with blankets of snow draping the mountains, spring seasons that offer the promise of budding plants and flowers, summer days that stretch out before you in a long and beautiful array of minutes, and the fiery beauty of a perfect Fall day. The formerly green trees will be dressed in their autumn finest, featuring shades of crimson, plum, and gold and the sky will be clear and blue as you take deep breaths of the clean air and revel in Mother Nature’s most perfect landscapes. All of these clean living and scenic views couldn’t exist without the careful attention we pay to keep our environment pristine and the EV Chargers are just one more way of doing so. Hook up your Tesla overnight, let it charge, and sleep deeply in our cloud-soft beds, relaxed in the knowledge that your trusty rental will be ready and waiting for whatever adventures you have planned the next day!


A Drive-thru at the Poconos


Today’s electric vehicles can take you much further than the earlier ones, some offering a drive of up to 350 miles before needing to be charged again, ensuring you can explore the scenic bypasses of the Poconos without fear that you will end up stranded and out of power on the side of the road. The Rim Road at Big Pocono State Park is one of our favorite drives, taking families through some of the Poconos’ most breathtaking landscapes, offering views you will never forget. There’s even a paved road that takes you around the mountaintop offering panoramic views of the pristine and achingly beautiful park countryside. The Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area offers another wonderful drive and although you won’t be able to get through all 70,000 acres on one charge, you can pick your favorite segment and return the next day for another scenic adventure, again, secure in the knowledge that your car will be fully charged once more!


Charging Stations in the Poconos


As the world is becoming more aware of the benefits of electric vehicles, more places are offering charging stations, and even though their surroundings won’t be as comfortable or stylish as our Pocono Mountain Rentals escapes, they can still come in handy on days when you maybe drive a little more or if you forgot to recharge the night before. Lake Harmony provides a 24-hour charging station at the Ursus Chalet, there’s one in the Walmart in East Stroudsburg, and Jim Thorpe offers 2 for the use of the public. Milford offers a specific Tesla charging station at the Hotel Fauchere and a Super Charger station can be found in Tannersville. The numbers may be small, but we think it will only be a matter of time before charging stations will be available in nearly every town in the world and Pocono Mountain Rentals is determined to be a trend SETTER, not a follower, by offering EV charging stations in our properties!


The Beauty of it All


As you zip about the idyllic countryside of the Poconos, marveling that one state could harbor all this beauty you may forget that you are driving an electric car, until, that is, you drive by the gas station after gas station posting prices that are reaching, and in many cases, surpassing, 5$ per gallon. Smiling to yourself at the thought of how much money you are saving, perhaps you will use the saved funds to buy dessert at dinner, purchase souvenirs for the kind lady watching your doggos back home, or simply pocket the extra to put it towards a second unforgettable Poconos vacation!


Come Home to Comfort


The best part of every day will come in those moments after you have pulled into the garage of your Pocono Mountain Rental sanctuary, attached the charger to your electric car, and walked into the beauty of our homes. Sleep late in comfortable beds, enjoy barbecues on the back decks, and lose yourself in the beauty of the countryside that surrounds you every minute of your stay; reserve your favorite Pocono Mountain Rental escape today!