After working tirelessly, getting a much-deserved vacation is essential. Pocono Mountains, commonly known as the Poconos, is the ideal escape destination. Located in Northeastern Pennsylvania, this paradise welcomes everyone. Prominent for its spectacular natural charm, resorts, quaint historic towns, waterparks, and myriad recreational activities and attractions, it’s no wonder it’s a loved tourist spot. 

And when it comes to a place to stay, there is something to suit each traveler’s budget. However, if you want luxury with a delicate touch of style that will make you feel at home away from home, then our Pocono Mountain Rentals are your go-to place. Read on and see why you should reserve a place to stay with us. We now offer homes with EV chargers!

We Now Offer Homes with EV Chargers!

Imagine waking up to the refreshing air of the mountains as you soak in the stunning scenery while accessing all the nearby attractions effortlessly. Well, that and more can be achieved when staying in our vacation abodes is in your plans.  

Whether you are a family having a get-together or a large group of friends seeking to reunite, we have a wide range of vacation homes that accommodate groups of all sizes. Our pet-lovers guests with their canine family members are also included. At Pocono Mountain Rentals, we have pet-friendly abodes that ensure everyone in your family has a good time. 

Enjoy Luxurious Interior Amenities

You will be glad you choose to stay with us when you set foot in any of our welcoming vacation rentals. These homes are designed with an open-space plan, making it easy to navigate from the kitchen to the bedroom and living room. One of the things you will notice is the generous space starting right from the living room. The expansive windows letting in plenty of natural light while creating a perfect frame to relish the outdoor scenery from the comfort of your seat are not to go unnoticed. From the soft deluxe sofas, you can relax as you enjoy a movie of your choice from the large screen mounted on the wall. You can cuddle with your traveling companion by the fireplace on colder days while you connect and converse. Though the majestic Poconos is home to tempting restaurants, there are days when you will not feel like leaving the warmth and comfort of your rental. Luckily, the kitchens in these exquisite homes await to serve you. They are fully equipped with first-rate modern appliances, world-class cookware, and dishes. With the kitchen being spacious, bright, and with countertop chairs, your traveling partners can help you put together that recipe you have always wanted to try. When it’s time to wine and dine, the spacious dining room adjacent to the kitchen awaits. Fitted with a large table and cozy seats, these spaces ooze the homely ambiance you need to enjoy your meal.  

During your visit to this place, you can explore and tick off a few things from your bucket list. But at the end of the day, freshening up and washing off the sweat is all you may have in mind. The bathrooms in our lovely holiday rentals are immaculate and fitted with essential toiletries and towels you can use. You can soak in the soothing bathtub as you sip your favorite drink. 

Getting adequate rest is what many look forward to when planning an escape. Fortunately, the warm, welcoming bedrooms in our vacation homes are there to give you that and more. From the beautiful art adorned on the walls to the soft premium carpets, these rooms exude the aura you need to have pleasant dreams. The beds are fitted with high-quality mattresses and bedding giving you the rest you desire. With televisions in many of these bedrooms, you can catch up with your partner over a movie before slowly drifting into a deep sleep. 

Exceptional Outdoors

The beauty of our vacation rentals goes all the way out. Besides letting you relish the fresh air and soak in the calming scenery, our outdoors are spacious, giving you endless opportunities to have a wonderful time. Depending on your rental, you can enjoy a silent personal moment as you sip a tasty cup of coffee or tea from the deck, patio, or balcony. 

If outdoor cooking is on your must-try list or you enjoy doing it, many of our fantastic rentals boast outdoor grills and barbecues you can utilize. With outdoor seats and tables, you can savor your feast as you have a hearty chat with your traveling companions. 

Reserve an Elegant Accommodation

There is so much to explore while in the glorious Pocono Mountains. While at that, getting a luxurious place to stay is a great way to ensure you have a perfect getaway. However, most travelers who own electric vehicles need help finding a home fitted with EV charges. The good news is that some of our rentals have you covered. Contact us today to reserve accommodation that will take care of your needs.