Adjusting to the topsy turvy world we’ve found ourselves in is quite easy when you realize that working from home doesn’t have to mean you have to work from your own home! Our Pocono Mountain Rentals Big Boulder rentals are designed to be the most luxurious location you’ve ever held a Zoom meeting, and our high-speed wireless internet ensures no lag time as you work. Pack a laptop, your portable printer/scanner, and your comfiest slippers and sweats; your Pennsylvania workcation is about to become the best thing that’s happened to you during the pandemic!

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Big Boulder is Better

You’ll be happy and content no matter which of our comfortable and luxurious Pocono Mountain Rentals you choose for your workcation, but our Big Boulder vacation rentals do offer that something extra that will make you love your job again. Holding Zoom meetings from the picnic table on the back porch and using the Poconos natural landscape as your backdrop is guaranteed to make you the envy of all those back home who didn’t take advantage of working from a home away from home. Doing your monthly reports at the oversized table surrounded by windows that let in light and views while keeping out bugs and nasty weather makes the time go by faster. If you need a break, take a walk around the neighborhood, breathing in the clean mountain air as you marvel at the beauty surrounding you.

When lunchtime arrives, taking a lunch break and enjoying a patio lunch overlooking the lake at Boulder View Tavern is much better than sitting in the cafeteria of your industrial building at home. And when the closing time bell rings (not that many offices have that anymore) you can spend your off-hours exploring the Poconos attractions, and for a few treasured hours, forget you are being held hostage for a paycheck! Our Big Boulder rentals offer all the necessary amenities to make working from home fun and easy, and because they are located close to everything you love about the Poconos, every minute of your off time will be filled with fun and excitement.

When the Whistle Blows

All work and no play is a big no-no in our world, and since you have come all this way, why not take some time to explore the region? Put away your laptop and head out for a scenic drive to just about anywhere; the Pocono countryside is just about the most beautiful you have ever seen! Our fall visitors will get the added benefit of seeing the local trees ablaze in color as their leaves turn to shades of crimson, gold, orange, and purple, but the views are breathtaking any time of the year. Drive along Route 209 and eventually, you will find yourselves in Jim Thorpe, home to the stunningly beautiful St. Mark and John Episcopal Church. Built of gray stone and stained glass in the Gothic Revival Style and located at 21 Race Street, the colorful stained glass windows give it a welcoming vibe that contrasts with the austere stone and is just one of many examples of the historic buildings found in town.

When hunger pangs strike, you can continue your architectural exploration of Jim Thorpe with a visit to Marion Hose Bar, where your favorite comfort food is created in a space that was once the town firehouse. Share a beer with your favorite traveling partner as you enjoy the creamy and delicious flavors of Marion’s Mac & Cheese, surrounded by brick walls, leaded glass windows, and the occasional piece of firehouse memorabilia.

When your stomach is full and you find yourself needing to walk off the extra calories, there are plenty more architectural wonders to enjoy as you stroll. The Old Jail Museum is open again, requiring masks for entry at this time, but offering tours that take visitors to the gallows, the dungeon, and the cellblocks where so many prisoners whiled away the hours playing cards, reading, or dreaming up ways to escape! Built in 1871 and located at 128 W. Broadway, it no longer houses prisoners, but if you listen carefully you may still be able to hear the whispers of former inmates living their lives in their tiny cells. Closed from November through May, if the jail catches your interest, you will need to make your Pennsylvania plans soon!

Back to Work

Under normal circumstances, the end of the weekend often brings about a case of the blues, but when you finish your jaunts around the Poconos and return to your meetings, reports, phone calls, and emails, doing it in the comfort of our Big Boulder properties takes away some of the sting. Stay in your pajamas, sipping coffee in bed while you return emails with a big smile on your face, thinking about the weekend of fun you just experienced, or answer client questions from your new favorite spot on the back porch; just try not to get too distracted! Every space in our home away from homes offers the potential to be your temporary office and it’s impossible to feel blue when you are surrounded by luxury!

No Stress Allowed

It’s the extra amenities, hot tubs under the stars, game rooms with video consoles and standard game tables, and those super comfy beds that will make this workcation stress-free and serene. Reserve your getaway today!