Your choices for a workcation office space in the Poconos are plentiful, and when you choose one of Pocono Mountain Rentals’ Split Rock rentals, you’ll discover homes large enough to easily hold your extended family! Those members who aren’t working can spend their days exploring the Pennsylvania landscape while the essential workers can conduct business in luxury and comfort! And if you are one of the lucky essentials, we won’t tattle if you take a longer break than normal, teaching your children the importance of a competitive game of pool!

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Choose Your Office Space

You won’t have to worry about finding a space that is quiet, even if you are traveling with a larger group, because most of our Split Rock vacation rentals are built with 5 or 6 bedrooms, allowing hard workers to pick a room and shut the door to the happy chatter and laughter emitting from the family in other parts of the home. If there’s no desk in the room or if you don’t like feeling separated from the gang, the dining room table works as a “cubicle” just as well as the one you use at home! Set up a workstation, being sure to face the window and those incredible views and have fun; our high-speed internet will keep frustrations to a minimum!

Breaks Are Important

When you work in an office, you make time to rest your eyes and brain in a variety of different ways. You may take a walk around the complex, visit a coworker, or sit at the table in the breakroom enjoying uninterrupted sips of coffee; you can do all of this in our Split Rock rentals! Take a walk through the Split Rock neighborhood, breathing in clean and crisp mountain air, chat with your family in front of the fireplace on a cool fall or winter day, or enjoy your uninterrupted moments of peace with a coffee on the deck that wraps around the deck of your temporary office digs!

The Most Luxurious of Office Spaces

Our Split Rock properties are obviously more than just another office space to utilize during your Pennsylvania getaway, and the luxuries you will find there will make this getaway unforgettable! We have talked about the dual-purpose rooms that work well as home offices, but what about the other rooms in the house? The living rooms that offer walls of glass windows allowing for unobstructed views of the Pennsylvania countryside also offer welcoming spots to sit and relax. Bathrooms that are spacious and spa-like are not just luxurious; they also are sanitized for your health and safety, giving guests one less worry during their travels. Game rooms with full-size game tables and laundry rooms give a sense of normalcy in a world gone mad. No one knows how much longer you will be telecommuting, but there is no need to pack an entire wardrobe when you know you can wash your clothes as needed. As you begin to explore the outside of your Split Rock escape, don’t be surprised if you discover a hot tub tucked away under the deck from which you’ve been enjoying sunset views in addition to a fire pit with a circle of chairs surrounding it. These little luxuries will make your stay that much sweeter!

Net Surfing

We all do it. Someone asks a question and we pull up our favorite search engine and lose ourselves in the minutiae of the world wide web, something you can do in your Split Rock vacation rental as well. Take a moment and look up the “original” Split Rock which was created from glaciers that covered the valley over 300 million years ago—this was how Lake Harmony was formed as well! Today a path leads the way to that Split Rock, and if you have a chance, take a hike during your off hours to view this bit of history!

All Work and No Play

Whether you sneak away from your Zoom meetings for an afternoon of snowboarding on Big Boulder Mountain in the winter or are simply seeking a place to enjoy your lunch break in the middle of the day, getting out and examining all there is to do in the area is as important as putting in your eight hours of work every day. You need to shut down your brain as you open up your mind to the peaceful serenity of the Pennsylvania landscape and have a bit of fun while doing so! Check out the Stockcar Experience in nearby Blakeslee and live like a race car driver for a few hours or enjoy a beer and your favorite pub grub at the Thirsty Moose Saloon, 428 Moseywood Road in Lake Harmony. Lakefront living allows for different experiences depending on the seasons; swimming and paddleboarding in the late spring and summer, while the rest of the year, a hike around the shores of Lake Harmony will give you the exercise you need and brush away the cobwebs from your brain.

Comfort and Style

The eight hours you have to put in won’t seem so endless when you pick one of our Split Rock retreats in which to toil. Reserve your stay today!