As people around the world are beginning to adjust to working from home, a new realization has begun to creep into their minds: Working from home could mean ANY home, not just their own humble abodes, and as such, workcations are becoming the new trend! Pocono Mountain Rentals is on board with this trend, offering a varied selection of places to stay near Poconos in communities, all ready to be pressed into service as temporary places of businesses, including some very sweet models in our Brier Crest community!

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Throw Out the Rules

If you have never telecommuted before, you are probably scouring the internet for tips on what to do and what not to do, but we say throw out those rules! You’re an adult who knows what needs to be done, and if you happen to have a little fun while doing so, it’s all the better! For example, many articles suggest locking yourself away in a room to avoid being tempted by the fun going on in the rest of the house. Our Brier Crest homes are large enough for you to do that, but why separate yourself from your family unless you’re on a phone call that demands a quiet background? Seat yourself at the dining room table facing the windows and those views and open up your laptop. Our dining room tables are large enough for a big family, so they are definitely large enough to spread out your paperwork, eliminating the need for separation from your workcation mates! If you do decide to use a separate bedroom to work in, why not work from the comfort of the extremely comfortable bed that dominates the room? No need to get out of your pajamas (unless you’re planning on being on camera for a Zoom or Google meeting), and the king-sized beds offer plenty of space to make yourself at home—far better than a cubicle any day of the week! And finally, one of the tips we happen to agree with 100% is to make your office comfortable, and we can promise you won’t get much more comfortable than in our Brier Crest retreats! Offering state-of-the-art electronics, a tranquil décor, and plush and luxurious places to sit while you take care of business, you’ll soon start to wonder why you hadn’t thought of this before!

Dinner Bell Musings

The best part of working from a vacation home instead of your own home is when the end of the workday ends and dinner is about to begin! After a long day of virtual meetings and endless emails, the thought of a steak dinner and a nice glass of wine to accompany the meal never fails to please. Double Cut, 250 Kalahari Boulevard in Pocono Manor, has exactly what you need to feed your stomach and your soul; they also offer seafood and pasta dishes for those who want a meal that is on the lighter side. On those nights you want something a little simpler, but still feel the need for a brew and some company, Burke’s Tavern is the place to be! Located at 1194 Pocono Boulevard, also in Mt. Pocono, Burke’s pub food is delicious, and the outdoor patio is one of our favorite places to sit on a clear Saturday night!

Of course, some nights you’ll find yourself wanting to stay in your comfy clothes and eat a quiet dinner while surfing the channels of our state-of-the-art televisions, and that’s perfectly acceptable as well! The fully equipped kitchen in your Brier Crest escape is a cheerful place that takes the humdrum out of ordinary chores, making it easy and fun to fix a feast for the family or to pop a microwave dinner into the microwave to be enjoyed with a nice glass of wine you discovered at one of the many wineries in the area. Your quiet night at home has never been this comfortable, delicious, and luxurious!

Did We See a Glint of Interest?

If your ears perked up and your eyes brightened in interest when we spoke of the wineries in the area, you are about to receive a special treat. This section of Pennsylvania is known for its vineyards, offering the perfect climate to create special wines; we even have a Wine Trail consisting of seven wineries for guests to follow and sip to their heart’s content! Spread throughout the area, there are three that have earned special places in our hearts, and they are located in nearby Stroudsburg. Mountain View Vineyard, Renegade Winery, and for those who may have traveling partners that prefer the taste of hard cider, RAW Urban Winery & Hard Cidery, are all guaranteed to quench any thirst you!

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It may seem strange to see the words work and retreat so close together, but trust us, we guarantee this is the ONLY way to telecommute!